Huggies apps for mums


Huggies apps for mums

Pregnancy and Baby Stages App

  • Written by experts in midwifery and nutrition
  • Track the weekly changes to your body and bub's development throughout pregnancy
  • Pregnancy tips on morning sickness, sleep, diet and pregnancy exercises
  • Know the first signs of labour and how to handle it
  • Essential baby care information including breastfeeding, nappy changing, bathing, SIDs, and immunisation


Pull-Ups Potty Time App

  • Six levels of colourful maze games designed specifically for toddlers.
  • Interactive learning teaches kids about the importance of getting to the potty in time.
  • Show your toddler what the toilet is for and why it's important when toilet training.

Week By Week App

Learn about your baby's development with weekly emails about your pregnancy:

  • what to expect during each stage
  • how bub is changing each week
  • tips for any difficulties that may arise
  • common myths and misconceptions

We'll help keep your Facebook friends updated on your bub's progress with a weekly Facebook post to your timeline.


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Pregnancy Week by Week

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