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So when did jeans and sneakers become a fashion no no? Obviously I am way behind the times. What...

43 replies

Raspberry Sundae wrote: Little Rascals wrote: And to me stockings are just what you wear under an office skirt, didn't know th...


Offensive or not? There is a short video on the page, or you ca...

12 replies

Little Egg wrote: But then, I have to say I think working (part time work) mums do have it easier. I mainly work from home,but I do...


where did tp go?

Hmm she was here.tonight and now she's.gone. I hope it's temporary, I hate losing more ...

21 replies

Aww no. Everyone is disappearing. We need to find a way to keep it all going.


I've become obsessed with trying to find tiny gumboots...

Just needing to rant..... So with all this wet weather around and dd18 mths showing a keen intere...

23 replies

Yep, not gumboots, but very cute, and will be so gorgeous on a tiny pair of feet!


Mother in Law and C-Section

I am 18 weeks with bub no 3, the first two age 7 & 4 were born by natural birth but because I...

9 replies

'Don't be worried about c sec I've just had my first and it was a c sec and was scared. The hospital staff and midwiv...

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