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TTC June 2015

Hi - I'm going to go ahead and start the TTC June thread after AF arrived for me today. We ...

48 replies

Hi again everyone! sorry has been a while, looks like lots has been happening. Welcome to all the new folks I'm looking at t...


When did you tell people you were pregnant?

Hi all. I got a positive on Friday so am 4 weeks pregnant (second child). Yay! Just wondering wh...

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6 weeks as hubby couldn't keep it in any longer with the excitement considering it was my 3


How much should my baby be drinking?

I have an almost 13 week old baby almost 3 months old. When I express she only drinks around 100 ...

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Don't forget that she may be drinking more from you, as you can't use ebm as a perfect indication of how much you're ...



So I have been suffering from severe anxiety for the past month and have just done a pregnancy te...

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I too have suffered from anxiety on and off for 16 years. Have had some horrible experiences with 6 months of having 10-20 panic at...


breastfeeding my 5 month old

Is it normal for my 5 month old to be hungry every 2-3 hours and Still wakes up a lot during the ...

6 replies

Well will try solids when he turns 6 months old. Thanks for your replies ladies

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