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Due Jan 2016

hi guys Anyone know if there are any Due Jan 2016 facebook groups? might be a bit early.

8 replies

Hi ladies - i got my BFP just yesterday so ill be joining you for Due January. This is #1 and has taken 20 cycles including 1 cycle ...



how do I tell my mother in law to back off. I have 6-7 month old and every time she is over she w...

3 replies

thanks for your advice guys. I think we will just have to sit her down and discuss it, we are just worried that she will take it th...


High Blood Pressure at 5 Weeks

I've always had mild high blood pressure but have never been put on medication. Now that I&...

4 replies

Hi there, I'm in a similar position to you, not the same thing but anyway, I'm 34 weeks pregnant and have been diagnosed w...


Dad not wanting anymore kids and just found out i'm pregnant :/

hey guys i'm crapping myself as been on the mini pill have a 3.5year old and a 10 mth old an...

6 replies

Good luck with it. I hope you've managed to talk him around. At any rate, you'll do what is right for your family. Take care


Controlled crying 10 week old?

Hi, I am wondering if anyone has had success control crying a 10 week old. My baby refuses to sle...

4 replies

Babywearing would help. There are lots of different carriers and wraps you could consider. You will then have hand free to play with...

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