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Little Egg

When did your waters break with your births?

I asked the other day about Strep B, and my midwife today said that It's recommended I start...

18 replies

10 days early and labour started by its self 4.5 hours later


Quiet Huggies

Hope that everyone had a great weekend. I think this is the quietest I have seen huggies in ages...

23 replies

Little Egg wrote: Shine*on wrote: Shine On* That sounds blissful!! smile Awesome about your DD! grin Oh yeah, the BEST MamaMum ...

Little Miss Accountant

Caesarean Birth

I am 36 weeks pregnant and have been told that there is a 98% chance I will need to have a caesar...

9 replies

I had a planned caesarean and my recovery was better then expected. Not great but I was determined to get out of bed the next day as...

Tracey F

Long haul flight with a 4 month old formula fed baby

We are travelling over to the UK in a few weeks with our baby boy who will have just turned 4 mon...

12 replies

The liquid rules have nothing to do with the airline, it's all to do with the airport security. Call the airport you will go in...


Just a few questions - tizzie hall and breastfeeding

Ive jjst ben looking at the Tizzie Hall posts on here from a while back and have a few questions ...

7 replies

Just throwing my bit in about routine With my kids they really were in 'cycles' of feeding, playing, sleeping (mostly!)...

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