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Getting desperate!

Hi people, I know I've asked this before but im getting really stressed out right now. I nee...

18 replies

Try to use some new spices, they can really bring a simple dish to life!


So whats new?

I thought I'd start a "whats new" thread! Anyone pregnant? New babies? School aged...

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Raspberry Sundae wrote: unique1 wrote: my little lady she is going strong and is full of beans Heinz? tongue well her too she hasn...

Mama love

Unexpected baby #4.

Hi mums, I recently found out I am expecting number 4. It is a little shock to us as we had been...

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It's realy harsh. He keeps saying he doesn't care, it's not wanted so not his responsibility. He's living with h...


a question for those who have had an unexpected pregnancy

I'm being nosey, a recent thread got me curious. What contraception were you using & do...

11 replies

with both my boys I was on the pill took it everyday without fail and the same time every day and 2 babies later


The dreaded toilet training..

Hi Mums, We're having some trouble with toilet training our almost three year old son. He ...

13 replies

I started TT our 3yr old son 2 weeks ago and will only do wees he tends to touch it once or twice when he needs to go and as for poo...

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