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What is your young babies hair like and how do you style it??

Ok I've got a bit of a random question(s). My 7 month old girl has crazy hair. It has prett...

9 replies

so cutie mind sound's like a so funny and nice but this is some crazy hair I haven't had that problem so not sure how to t...


Breastfeeding advice

I'm new here.. This is my first post My son is 11 days old and due to low blood sugar, los...

8 replies

Thanks Fraggle!! I thought the exact same thing about his mouth being too small for my nipple! We also gave him a dummy and he sucks...


Due December but don't want to be on Facebook page!

Hi ladies, just found out we're due Dec 7th ish! This is baby 4 so I wanted to hop back on a...

14 replies

Welcome Kd and Ashleigh! Ashleigh, I Haven't made any dates for scans yet. Hubby really wants us to wait as long as possibl...


Maternity Clothes...How Do You Feel About Them?

I was looking at an ad the other day. It made me wonder, do business know what pregnant women wan...

4 replies

Jeans west for casual and Ripe Materinty have a great range



Hi Was just wondering if anyone knows a good way to get my toddler off his dummy. We have tried ...

9 replies

Yes I agree with the last few posts and have decided to let him keep it until he is old enough to understand letting it go and that ...

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