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Could I be pregnant???

First I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I am FREAKING out!!! I am te...

2 replies

i know how you feel, babies are so lovely but when you're in a really good place.. you don't want anything to change. I ha...


Induced births. Are they harder than spontaneous natural births?

Hi everyone, I haven't been on lately because I forgot my password, lol, I'm 33 weeks t...

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I had heard that induction could take days in some cases so was prepared for a long process, however our experience was very fast &a...


Labour time

Hi there, I am 31w4d along and was recently told by my midwife that the time of day or night in ...

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i think babies come when they are ready, although my son loved wriggling about in my tummy all hours of the night and i indeed had h...

Jess Evans

A Nappy Disposal Service

How many nappies would you say you dispose of each day? How do you dispose of them? GuiHandsup if...

3 replies

Hi there, As a mother of two young boys, my bin is full of dirty nappies, it fill up so quick even before the next rubblish bin col...


Formula help!

Due to having breast cancer a few years ago, I cannot breast feed my son at all. He is 12 days ol...

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Hi I have mixed breast feeding with bottle for my younger two but my first could only have formula and we had a lot of trouble also,...

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