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40min sleep cycles

My 3 month old sleeps for 30-40mins during the day. This is not enough for him as wakes up grumpy...

5 replies

Baby wearing was a god send for me! Especially with a noisy preschooler to keep him awake. My 3 month old sleeps right through the n...


Morning sickness & food to settle

Hi all hoping you can help me out. I am about 6.5 weeks pregnant with #2 and feeling morning sick...

8 replies

Hi Shannon, Try your pharmacy, they are Ginger lozenges. Good luck


Planning on TTC in 2016 - COC pill questions

My Hubby and I are planning on TTC some time in 2016 ( I know i am getting way ahead of my self) ...

3 replies

Hi there! I have pcos (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) and was told that it will be hard for me to conceive. Both kids I got pregnant ...



Hi everyone I was just wondering how long people have waited for their paid parental leave to be...

5 replies

My son is 5 weeks old, I too lodged an online claim 3 months before his due date, I've only just received my first payment toda...


Walking without support

My little girl has just gone 15 months and she's still not walking. Im not fussed about that...

4 replies

Samantha_123 wrote: Thank you. I believe patience is the key but Im running quite low on that lol I totally hear you. I was the sam...

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