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Anyone feel lonely

Hi I am one a few threads here but not many reply back to me so I don't really get a chance ...

2 replies

Sorry for the late reply Ellek1 but thank you I really do hope I get a BFP soon I feel it would just take so much stress and sadness...


How common is birthing at 37 weeks?

Hey everyone, I'm 37weeks and 6 days, so nearly 38 weeks, just wondering does anyone know ho...

6 replies

Wow thanks ladies! So it seems more common than I think! That's good news! I've got 4 days left till my induction so finge...


Stopped attaching

My baby girl is 10weeks and has never attached without a nipple shield but in the last 2 days won...

2 replies

Yes once I started topping up with bottle it was game over, all three of my babies preferred the bottle over boob but they were a bi...


tail bone pains / back pain relief

It's been 4 weeks since i had my emergency c-section , and I am feeling pain on my back espe...

2 replies

Hi Star-Mumm, it was an 18 hours labor for me after trying to push and still bub is not coming out then they called for CS, just can...


Quitting my job or not? Dilemma!

Hi ladies! I am in need of some advice and I am a little stuck in a situation. Since my second da...

2 replies

Stick with your gut instinct. If it's not for you then it's not for you. Nobody wants to dread going to work and an employ...

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