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TTC August 2015

Thought i would start a group for those who are heading into August to TTC. AF arrived for me a...

25 replies

Hi girlies! Just adding myself onto this list too. I'm 24 with a 5 year old. TTC for 3 years now after getting off the depo. I...


Day sleeps

I have a 12 week old boy who sleeps amazingly at night and has done from 6 weeks old. He sleeps f...

6 replies

Thanks, there are so many choices. I guess the only way is to try each type at the stores.


No sex or connection.

I've never posted anything before, but I'm a first time Mum, well, almost, I'm due...

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You have nothing to worry about because your husband is reluctant to make love to you. In fact, most men are the same way. On the ot...


How much family support do you have?

This is my first post, and I'm not entirely sure that I'm doing it right. I just want...

5 replies

something to consider with any friendships you might strike up at playgroup etc is eventually becoming each others babysitters to he...


Best rear-facing car seats?

Hi everyone, my LO is 6 months old and getting too tall for his capsule. I want to get a rear fac...

8 replies

Hi Laura, We've got a Rainier as it's a nice narrow seat and does extended rear facing. While it is more expensive, it e...

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