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HELP! Small but ACTIVE baby

My 8 month old daughter is so small for her age. I have had many people comment on how 'peti...

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Hi ladies i have 6 months child, now i am very happy


Maternity Clothes...How Do You Feel About Them?

I was looking at an ad the other day. It made me wonder, do business know what pregnant women wan...

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I've found that Jeans West is the best place for jeans. But I've also bought some yoga pants from Glassons as well as big...


Coffee group

Hi I have a 5 month old girl and looking to join or start up a coffee group. Does anyone know of...

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Ok cool. Add me if u want. dee an cole


baby sitting low

Hi, im 27 weeks with my first bubba and feel like bubs is sitting quite low. I keep reading thing...

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This is my second pregnancy and have only felt kicks in my lower abdomen since 16 weeks (now 35wks). First pregnancy I was kicked hi...


Please help!!! Issues with doing no.2's Sensory processing issues also affecting

Hi there, We desperately need help, I am at my wits end. My 3 yea old daughter has been toilet t...

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Oh no problem! I know how desperate I was to find answers when we were going through the worst. I downloaded it from Amazon onto o...

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