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TTC July 2015

Hi ladies I thought I would start this TTC July thread since AF arrived this morning for me. I...

132 replies

Hi everyone, I haven't gotten AF for June yet (due this weekend), but not feeling very positive about having conceived, so look...


Lactose overload

I think my 7 week old may suffer from lactose overload. He feeds every 1.5-2 hours during the da...

1 reply

Hi, congrats on the new baby. you might be making too much milk. I had a similar situation and basically I stopped expressing & ...


formula problems

So my LO has been on s26 gold since birth and she is now 11 weeks old but I found it was giving h...

4 replies

So update on my LO she is currently using s26 gold comfort as advised by a nurse. she has improved a lot and found out she had colic...

Joanna Marie

35 WEEKS pregnant symptoms

Hi all, I am currently 35 weeks and 3 days, this is my 3rd pregnancy. My first and second came o...

13 replies

Thank you for that! And congratulations! 8 pounds? Wow he's a big boy! Well done mummy, I think you've done very well! Bot...


Newborn not latching to breast

my newborn is now 4 weeks old. She hasn't been able to latch on since birth. We have been to...

5 replies

I recommend a breast shield also, when bubs sucks it pulls all the nipple tissue into the shield & makes for a bigger nipple &am...

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