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PLEASE HELP- im in so much pain feeding :-(

I have a 4week old & im about to throw in the towel breast feeding. I have gone from one extr...

19 replies

Hey mamalove, You are doing a great job. I also suffered with my little one, I had thrush on the breasts for ages and my son woul...


Nurse nellie...

I'm just about to start 'The Rose Petal Beach'

32 replies

Me going a bit slow. Have had a lot on this weekend and this week so I might be a while at the rate I am going. Also finding a bit...


Dating scan was terrible!!! :(

I am 7w, 2d by dates. This is my third pregnancy (1st m/c @ 6/40, 2nd healthy DD) Yesterday I wen...

1 reply

same thing happened to me. i was so sure i knew my dates (still confused about that one lol). the ultrasound i had showed an empty s...


ello ello ello

Hey thought I sould drop in and say hi again anything new I should be informed with eg pregnanc...

14 replies

Yeah just the book isnt amazing they talk up their age when they young then it starts them talking it down when they get older Gl...


paying the babysitter!

Hi all, Just wondering what you think is an acceptable rate to pay a teenage babysitter? I have...

8 replies

When asleep thats probably pretty fair anyway. But I definitely think kid(s) awake and needing food/baths and changing deserve more ...

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