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Just finished reading "Fractured" by Dawn Barker SPOILERS in thread now!

Gosh, I really loved (not sure if that's the right word to use though!) this book. It is a v...

72 replies

Sorry havent been online fot a few days! I skipped sll the spoiler posts because I still intend to read the book! My fav JP books a...


Private health ?

Hi So my question is private health ( for pregnancy and birth) or public What did you do and wha...

12 replies

If a future pregnancy is likely to be high risk then really King Eddy is going to be the best place for you. Give yourself some tim...


After a c-section

I have been booked in for a c-section with my first baby. I want to breastfeed and am just wonder...

5 replies

I'm going to ask my midwife about seeing a lactation consultant. I'll see what the hospital offers . I hope all goes well...

Raspberry Sundae

This made me giggle!

Hope you enjoy.

2 replies

That's what I thought too WS.


*warning* crazy rant follows...

I'm so fudging tired!!! I'm sick of being woken up EVERY fudging night!!!! If it's...

15 replies

Pixie Chick wrote: GingerGypsie wrote: Actually no... I did try the ear plugs and I learnt two things... They works so well you can...

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