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Are Paps important?

Hi everyone So I am now 13 weeks pregnant with a healthy bubba, when I had my first appointment w...

13 replies

They also look for HPV (genital warts) which can lead to cancer later in life. Around 70-80% of women get this at some stage in life...

Little Egg

Introducing baby routine without unsettling toddler too much

I am due any day now with No.2. DS is just off 19 months old and has a good lunctime nap everyday...

12 replies

can't wait to hear your good news - hope bubba comes soon!!

Its a boys world

Food during pregnancy

Hello ladies, I've just made a quick list and was wondering what foods on the list would y...

13 replies

lol I didn't realise they had decided to branch off into general unhealthy foods. That must be a long list then!

Chickadee peanut

Body issues

Hi lovelies Just wondering how you guys have delt with body issues while being pregnant. I hav...

4 replies

Hi lovely ladies Thank you for all the comments I've been seeing someone for a while because it's not something I can ...

cali girl

first ivf cycle. Help!!!

Hello i will begin my lucrin shots in 1 day. The unknown with any past experiences

14 replies

Hi ladies I'm starting my first IVF cycle , bit nervous but hearing all your comments helps:) I allready have one little girl ...

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