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Early Relationship and pregnant

Hi there, So long story short. My partner and i have been together for 7months now and we are 4m...

5 replies

Hi myself and my partner had our baby very soon after we met.he was delighted about news I was apprehensive but our baby girl arrive...


Nuchal Translucency results clarification

Hi ladies I'm sure this is constantly discussed but I need advice. I'm 36, will be 37 a...

5 replies

At your 20 week scan the US clinic should be able to check the nasal passage and bone structure to let you know 100%. I never bother...


Almost 1yr old fighting sleep

DD didn't sleep all day. She is currently asleep on me after putting her to bed sleepy 3 hou...

6 replies

With my DD when she was just over a year old she decided that sleeping in her bed during the day was a no no. I don't take her...

Chickadee peanut


Negative again no baby this month .... Tears

7 replies

Thanks for the lovely messages, I have no idea what my body is doing, I feel so emotional, vomity, hungry .... I didn't take a ...


HELP - everyone please read!!! In New Zealand and searching for some particular items

Hi everyone.. This is probably not going to be the most upbeat message you will read but I'm...

9 replies

So very sorry for your loss. I can see the page in Facebook. Unfortunately I can't help you with any of the items.

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