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Ho Ho Ho ... not long to go!!

So are you ready for Christmas? Me I'm done with shopping other than a lay-by that is stori...

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We are all set. Parcel has been sent to my nephew. All other presents bought and wrapped. Even totally sorted for DD1s birthday whi...


Want to stay home

Hi all I've got a 3 year old dd and a 4 and a half month old ds and am meant to be returning...

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Very cool what are the start up costs for the business I have heard quite a few people talking about isagenix

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Advice / tips

Hi loves I just wanted to know when you found out you where pregnant what was the best advice or...

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Like everyone else has said, take in all the advice and then decide what makes sense to you and your situation. One thing I learnt a...


Tryna Get Pregnant

Hey, Im tryna get pregnant but am having no luck and particularly don't wanna ask anyone for...

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I am gonna start asking for help now and not just to help with getting pregnant either, I now realise that I wont be able to do it b...


Are all scans still free with Horizon Radiology in New Zealand?

Hi, its been about 4 years since i went to Horizon radiology for my pregnancy scans and i just ...

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I've had 3 so far with this pregnancy (6weeks, 13weeks and 20weeks) and haven't had to pay a cent! I have been going to p...

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