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Restistant Eaters in Childcare

Hi Ladies, I haven't been on for ages, hope all is well. I have a question out there for M...

13 replies

I've found it really interesting these posts having a resistant eater (not diagnosed as such but I'll call it that) now al...

Little Egg

Are bottle fed babies more windy than the worst windy breast fed baby? !

OK, so I am really nearly over all this breast feeding - sigh DS2 has the worst wind, we have be...

12 replies

my ds was terrible for wind for about 6weeks esp at night. ride it out it will get better. i know how you feel running around after ...


Formula - what brand do you think is best?

Hi, I am returning to work soon and have a six month old who is currently entirely breast fed. I ...

9 replies

I started off with karicare gold but my son came up with rash type spots so changed his formula to S26 gold but found that too thick...


Anyone else not telling family etc until 12 weeks?

Hi ladies, Is anyone else choosing not to tell people until they are 12 weeks along? I'm nea...

12 replies

We didn't tell anyone this time until I was 12 weeks. He was a surprise for us and we wanted to make sure that all was ok first...


Parents that defend their child's bad behavour

I took my 5 year old to a birthday party and another child come up behind and punched him several...

5 replies

I reckon this story is probably pretty common. I think there's a lot of parents who lack the confidence and initiative to impo...

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