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Cody, Nate & .................

It's a 3rd boy!!! What's the first name u think of please?? Needs to be short, sweet, s...

22 replies



Outings vs Sleep

Hi all, We have a 1 year old who sleeps twice a day still around 10am and 2-3pm. We find it reall...

8 replies

Thank you Shine on. This is my very first comment in forums.... I think you are right thank you for your advise.


Chickenpox risk

I have just been faced with a bit of a dilemma and am hoping for others experiences/thoughts on m...

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Thank you for your reply. I also asked my cousin who is a midwife and she suggested that if aunt has had direct contact with the gir...


Vaccinations and Unvaccinated Visitors!

Hi Ladies, This is my first time posting here I am 38 weeks pregnant with my first and so exci...

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It certainly sounds like a tricky situation to be in. As a parent we are responsible for the lives of our little ones and our decis...


Routines newborn n older kids

Hi I had my 3rd 4 days ago. Just wondering about how to get acc into a routine with my older kid...

8 replies

I will definately put my little boy in kindy when he is old enough. It's not just easier for me but he will also enjoy it. Just...

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