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Importance of Music in Baby development

In order to resolve the monotony of our children’s daily lives, protect their physical, spiritual...

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creative moms looking for fresh and original ideas for their children!!

I'm a young mother, solar and joyful and I try every day new games to stimulate the imagina...

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Anterior Placenta

At my 12wk scan I was told I had an anterior placenta n that there was a cushion between my belly...

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I've currently got an anterior placenta and also had one with my DD. I've only just felt a couple of flutters at 19 weeks...



My son is 5 months he only fits into size year 1 clothing. Does anyone else have a very long baby...

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Today I went to my gp and raised severe concerns about my 7 month old son. and he told me he is m...

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Can I ask why he said he has mild developemental delay? My son has just been diagnoses with autism and the concerns I raised during ...


skin care

So last month i had a miscarriage at 11.3 weeks and ive just found out im pregnant again. I am ju...

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Yay. before you know it you will be chasing him around

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Aww how cute clever boy


Activities for 5month old

I'm just wondering what activities other people have done with their 5-6month olds. We do th...

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I actually found some stuff on pintrest cause i was feeling the same and it came up with a few sensory games like putting foam cut o...


8 months and no words yet

My little girl is 8 months old and hasn't said her first word yet. When do babies say first ...

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This thread has been quite reassuring. My ds was very good with his speech but dd 18 months only says a handful of words. She unde...


Ultrasound date not matching LMP date. Should I be worried? Lock

Hi there, This is my first pregnancy and my first post on this forum. Last week I went in for my...

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Hi there, firstly congratulations, your first baby is such an exciting, yet scary time! I am sorry to say that my situation did no...


Pregnant with twins!

Hi all, I am 16 weeks along with my first pregnancy, found out at 6 weeks that I was having twins...

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Congratulations! Yes, I've had similar pains, most likely just everything stretching.


Hair loss???

Hello!! My 3 1/2 month old baby boy has recently started to loose his hair, from a nice thick cur...

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DS2 was a bit of a 'ranga when he was born, most intriguing and exciting as there are no red-heads in the family. ( I did have...

Little Egg

do you think orgasms have an affect on your growing baby?

Seeing as the mods don't seem to be around much I thought I would slip this one in I wonder...

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*Mimsy wrote: This one relates to parenting/pregnancy/baby. The other didn't. The other one might have been reported too. yeah ...


Left Handedness

I was just wondering how early you can tell if a child is likely to be left handed (either from e...

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Interesting topic. I didn't know that it takes them that long to figure out their hand preference. I was wondering whether my ...


What toys do you think were really good for your childs development, mentally or physically?

Trying to decide on some things to buy but that are worth it

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Honestly, don't worry about buying fancy toys. I don't mean don't do it at all but don't get caught up in thinki...

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