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what Questions to ask at 20 week scan?

My scan is in a week and I'm not sure what kind of questions to ask there. Can anyone help m...

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Going for a third try! Lets see if we can tell this time!


when can you turn baby's car seat around?

just wondering when we can turn our baby's car seat around? she is just over 6 kgs and 5 months old

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I found Britax Boulevard G3 Convertible Car Seat is very good, you can read the converitble car seat review from http://babygoespro...


First steps and walking

My Lil angel took his first steps before and I'm still a bit over excited lol wondering how ...

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Wow 6 months is impressive!! My kids didn't crawl till 9 months and all 3 started walking between 13-14 months. They were takin...


Baby eye colour different to parents?

Just curious... is it possible for a baby to have a different eye colour to their parents? I kno...

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All I know is that if both parents have blue eyes all their children will also have blue eyes. Any other combination of parents eye ...


Something doesn't seem right

Hi everyone - it's been a long, long time, hope all is well! Just wondering what some mums ...

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Oh that's great! Even better, you can mix the probiotic with the yoghurt. The brand I use is called Bioceuticals


Cranial Massage

Has anyone tried Cranial Massage for babies? I am told it may help with my baby that refuses to s...

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Raspberry Sundae wrote: KayEll wrote: Tks! From Marlborough Region Will check in with our regular Marlborough resident and see if s...


How big is your 4 month old?

I'm just wondering if anyone else is sick of hearing how big their 4 month old baby is?? My litt...

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Hi Mums with heavy bubs my son is 3mnths old and weighs 9.15kg he weighed just under 8 Kg at his 2mnth needles and was born 4.45kg ...


Feeling Mini Me!!!!

I was out with the family yesterday at a Christmas theme park and while everyone was on rides, bu...

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Pregnancy sure is the mother of all roller coasters


Not feeling pregnant!

Is it just me or when you get to 15/16 weeks do you just not feel pregnant any more? (I'm su...

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Went to the Dr and he said that I was defo preggies! So feel a bit better and think I can wait till my scan. I think I will start s...


Missed miscarriage at 9.5 weeks :,(

I don't even know where to start.... I'd be 10 weeks pregnant this coming Wednesday.......

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I am very sorry for your loss. Your story is so very close to mine. Earlier this year I was high fiving and fist pumping because I h...


Baby bump

Hi ladies, when did you start showing? I am 10 weeks tomorrow and I feel like I have a tiny bump,...

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I'm 30 weeks pregnant but it doesn't feel like I'm carrying anything everyone is different.


What is DD and DS?! Confused trying to understand what some ladies are saying! Lol

What are these DD and DS letters for? Confused. Lol

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Oh ok! Thanks for that, makes sense now! And I totally agree, we are all here to help each other. I love this sight, it's great...


The funny side to pregnancy... Hope it makes you giggle as much as it did me!

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28 weeks pregnant, baby measuring 3 weeks ahead.

Hi Ladies, At my 20 week scan bubs belly was measuring bigger then average, at 27 weeks they se...

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My first baby was 9lb9oz and I was terrified of having another of similar size. They were expecting my second to be the same or bigg...


how much does you 4 month old weigh

So sick of everyone telling me my baby girl is small just wondering how much other baby weigh at ...

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My baby is 17 weeks and weighs 5.3kg and 61cm long but nurses say she is underweight, I felt like such a failure. To me I know my ba...