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10 months today and not crawling yet

Hi Just wondering if any of you have had a late crawler? My daughter is 10 months' old today and...

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Natalie_Maree217 wrote: Wooden spoon I don't know but doesn't sound right 20 months to learn to crawl I would get bub chec...


9 mth old not wanting to eat

My DS is almost 9 months old and has bee a great eater since starting solids. For the past week ...

4 replies

It would be teething baby's go off food when getting teeth gums are all sore put some bonjela on 15 min before food see if it h...


travelling abroad with 8.5 month old - any tips--anyone used polarmine/phenergan?

Hi--I'm travelling to Canada in June with a 8.5 month old. The flight is scaring the heck out of ...

15 replies

We have travelled overseas with our (now) 9 month old and much like other mums here I would highly recommend having a bottle for tak...


Amniotic Band Syndrome

Like to hear from any mums who have had this and had healthy children?

9 replies

Hopefully here you can meet a family close by to you


How much does your 8 month old weigh

Hi my DS is 8 months old and weighs 8.5kg how much does your 8 month old weigh ?

11 replies

Lol! My son is 8 months tomorrow and weighs 13kgs


Baby bump

Hi ladies, when did you start showing? I am 10 weeks tomorrow and I feel like I have a tiny bump,...

10 replies

Hi I'm in Auckland and 11 weeks pregnant, due feb, first time mum and nervous. Are there any other Auckland ladies out there d...


Something sad but funny

My little man who is 10 months old is such a sensitive soul. He cries whenever the RSPCA advertis...

3 replies

My 7 month old son cries at the RSPCA ad too! I thought it was the music or the animals upsetting him as a friends dog howls when th...


Sleeping routines

Hi have a 2yo and a 10month old can someone please advise me how to start a sleeping routine my h...

2 replies

Yep we do similar to the above. we have done since ds was about 6 months old and he is now 18 months old. bedtime is at 6, at 5 it i...


Should I be worried about scan?

Hi all My LMP was 12th June which put me at 7 weeks pregnant today. I had a dating scan this mo...

2 replies

Thanks but I am certain of my dates for various reasons.. It's more the heartbeat and hcg that has me concerned..


6weeks no pregnancy symptoms

Hi. I'm 6weeks pregnant with my first child and at the moment have no real symptoms my boobs...

5 replies

Please don't worry yourself as sometime you just don't get any symptoms and it does not mean there is anything wrong. DD1 ...


baby sitting up

So I want to start off that I know all babies are different. Here's is my concern though. My...

7 replies

my DS was close to a year before he could sit unsupported by himself on the ground. I never did put him in that position though, I ...


my baby's weight

my baby is 21 month old and only 9.8kg should i be worried? i gave birth to her weighting 3016gra...

3 replies

If she is happy, healthy and growing well in general I wouldn't be to concerned. My DD is only just over 10kg and she is 27mths.

Little Egg

Looks like we are being induced early again :-(

I'm so gutted about this Beware - poor me post to follow! It was picked up DS might not h...

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Demonica18 wrote: I've been induced early twice now due to cholestasis. I got lucky though, was just a matter of breaking my wa...


Has anyone experienced a U/S with only showing the sack with nothing in it? also a Chronic Hematona Outside of the sack ? and had a healthy pregnancy ? please help

Hey everyone im hoping somebody can help me, i did 2 tests last week they came back positive i we...

2 replies

i assume they would be measuring my hcg levels although the dr didnt say what they were, i didnt think to ask, i have to go back nex...


Teething at 2???

Hi my son is 2yo has started to put his hands and other objects in his mouth could he still be te...

2 replies

Thank you much appreciated

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