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Your Tips- When Your Baby is Sick

Do you have any handy tips to share with other mums and dads that will help them through the diff...

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My now 6 year is just starting to grow out if croup thankfully - and for us the only thing that we could do was to give nurofen 4 ho...


Your Dental Care Tips

Hi to all the Huggies Mums Brushing your baby's teeth can sometimes be a little trying. Do you ...

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Hey Guys according to my thinking never take your smile for provided. Maintain good dental health by practicing regular dental treat...


Kid's Health and First Aid

Here are some quick links to our articles on; Kid's First Aid Child Safety Emergency Contacts (A...

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Anyone used it? Did it work for you?

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Babies With Eczema

I'm really loving this website. There are a lot of forums and blogs discussing babies and eczema....

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Hi I've heard that Atopiclair cream is great for eczema because it relieves the itch scratch cycle unlike some other creams whi...



Has anyone had a child with Hypospadias and went on to have the operation that could share their ...

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My 5 week old son has reflux and yesterday I gave him Gaviscon infant for the first time. The dir...

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Hi lozaj81, I stopped using the gaviscon as soon as I felt it caused constipation. I gave him those 3 initial sachets and that was i...


Mild Spina Bifida - tethered cord

Hi just wondering if anyone has a child who has had a tethered cord? My daughter has recently had...

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My son has reflux and yesterday I gave him Gaviscon infant for the first time. The directions say...

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Meningococcal B vaccine

Hi there are there any mums vaccinating their 8 week old with the new meningococcal B vaccine - i...

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Blue Skye's

Eczema and mittens

I've restricted baby's hands so he doesn't scratch. At 4 months what can I do so h...

4 replies

Not long after this post my son pulled off his mitten on one hand and then pulled the other off. Now he takes it off faster than I c...

Blue Skye's

Eczema flare up on his cheeks

DS is 4 months, from 3 weeks he got really bad eczema on his cheeks which lasted till our local n...

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Baby's eczema got so bad that his father and I went to a homeopath not long after visiting the dermatologist. My sons skin had ...


Infants friend need help

I've recently given my little one infant friend due to his colic and wind, and since then, h...

5 replies

Thanks Mama Smurf ...I have stopped given him infants friend and hopefully no more green poop


Losec and sever tummy pain

Hi My wife and I are really desperate to find a solution for our baby reflux. I have almost read...

9 replies

Pixie Chick wrote: My son was on 10mg losec in a single dose each day from 6 weeks old. It took about a week or so to take effect an...


Needing Advice.

Hi, My son is nearly 4 months old and at the moment has a really bad cough that sounds like it is...

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Also if you have a video of your phone, take a video of him coughing to take along, as you can bet your bottom dollar that he won&#x...

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