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Your Parenting Tips

Hi to all our members, The Huggies team would like to hear about some of your parenting tips you...

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My tip is when the two of mine are fighting, ages 5 and 6 (boy and girl) I make them sit on the back steps and hold hands for 5 mins...


Your Safety Tips

What a great resource Huggies Mums are, on all sorts of topics. Can you share any safety tips wit...

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make sure there aren't any small pieces and that nothing can come off of it to prevent choking. I try to get plastic toys the b...


Huggies Jumbo Nappies Boxes - NEW ZEALAND

To all our valued Huggies members in New Zealand; two years ago we increased the number of nappie...

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i should say thank you as i'm sure in the next year we will start buying these..


Nappy Changing Tips

Share your tips for making nappy change time fun for your baby.

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Back in my days we used a peg for our noses when number 2 business had been done And the hole time we would be trying to chuck up ...


Huggies Jumbo Nappies Boxes - AUSTRALIA

To all our valued Huggies members in Australia, we wanted to let you know about some important ch...

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Jess Evans

A Nappy Disposal Service

How many nappies would you say you dispose of each day? How do you dispose of them? GuiHandsup if...

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Its a great idea im going to be changing 10 nappies a day x 3 when my triplets come home from hospital.


Thoughts about baby monitors

Hi, I was just wondering whether getting a a baby monitor. Do they make you feel safer about you...

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I'm going to use angel care sound and breathing monitor my sister will pass it down to me. She swears by it and I love that it ...


Mialie Designs pram liner

I have just ordered a mialie designs pram liner. They look fantastic! Has anyone bought one?

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Hi I have a beautiful 7week old baby girl and in about to go buy so huggies baby wipes as the t...

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And fingermarks on our walls


Moby wrap

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has every used a moby wrap before and has any feedback about them?...

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nappy advice please...

Hi everyone, Im being a bit cheeky asking this here but i wasnt sure who to ask. We are starting ...

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Thanks everyone for your thoughts! I really appreciate your advice and comments. The blog was really interesting and good food for t...


The truth about motherhood!

Hi all, I am a first time mum and have started a Facebook blog called 'mummy misgivings'...

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Your blog looks great. A good read . Similarly, I started my blog when I was pregnant last year. It has tutorials and free patterns ...


Return to work when my bub turns 6 months old

I am going back to work 3 days a week after my bub turns. 6 months old as I only took 6 months ma...

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Tahlias Mommy

How Many Nappies!!???

HI All, So I am due in May and tryin to bulk buy as mch as I can because i am stopping work earli...

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My DD uses 2.5 boxes of newborn and onto infants now.I found Huggies is the best! She is now 3 months and about to go onto crawler s...


Parenting now and then... was it easier?

So my mother wrote this about how parenting was when she first had kids 30 weeks ago. So what doe...

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