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Your Baby's Sleep

"How long does your baby sleep?" and "how do you get them to sleep?" are some of the biggest ques...

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As a mother of 6 pregnant with my 8th I've learnt the best way for baby to learn to sleep is letting baby learn to sleep. From ...


How much sleep should a 9 month old have?

I am struggling to get my baby (who is now crawling and using up way more energy than ever!!) to ...

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7 month old is still a restless sleeper!

Help me please! I feel like a zombie haha. I have a gorgeous 7 month old who still wakes up to 7...

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sleep drops - yes or no?!

Hi, just wondering if anyone has used or knows anything about Qbaby sleep drops or Sleep Support ...

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Adding Signature

Can anyone tell me how to add the lilpie signature as I must be stupid but can't do it

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Screaming at night

Hi, My son is almost 13 months old & for the past week, between 1:00am-2:30am he will wake up...

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Hi Lisa, My little girl does the same where she wakes up in the middle of the night with absolutely hysterical crying and the only t...


20 month old not sleeping through

Hi everyone, Am desperate for help, I've been putting my daughter into her cot awake, late...

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What ever you do try you need to be consistent I think is the key. There is also settling techniques on the sleep store website tha...


Sleep Training Clocks

Hi, I got my son a Zazu Sam the Sheep Sleep trainer Clock, but the instructions are terrible. I...

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Early Mornings

My little man wakes up around 6am every morning and thinks that after a bottle that it is playtim...

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Hoping 4a3rd

Reflux and frequent night time waking - help please

Hi all Just after everyones thoughts on whether I just ride things out of start persisting with s...

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Raspberry Sundae wrote: At 6 months IMO it is entirely acceptable for a child to wake for feeds so I wouldn't be tough loving j...


3-4 Month Old Sleep Patterns Turned Worse!

Sorry this is very long.... For the past few weeks my baby's sleep has been stuffed (compar...

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As foxglove said there is sleep regression usually at around 4 months. Basically their sleep pattern changes and the cycle swaps aro...


Sleeping bags

My 10 week old ds is currently wearing the love to dream swaddles of a night but I am trying to d...

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Thanks ladies will def look closer at the gro bags, I was leaning towards the inventa bags (love to dream) as you can extend the len...


5month old not sleeping at night like he used to

Someone please enlighten me on what's going on... My 5month old used to sleep through the ni...

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The sleepstore articles have some food insight into infant sleep issues


Sleeping Help... 6 1/2 mth old

Help please... I had my 6 mth old baby sleeping beautifully after doing "cry it out". M...

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tks heaps for the replies. will have at the sleep store


Can't get 11 month old out of terrible sleep routine-HELP!

My 11 month old son is giving us grief! He wakes up about 7am with the rest of the family. He has...

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Oh dear! Poor little guy must surely be severely sleep deprived. My son would never co sleep either. How about giving him a late av...