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anyone know of any doctors in auckland that will easily prescribe duromine?

pref north shore/rodney district.

my bmi isover 30 and my doctor hates prescribing pills.

Oooo what is duromine? what does it do?

didnt ask for your opinion just asked if you knew how to get it. thanks
LOL I found this funny cuz Ritalin is probably easier to come by than duromine. My partner and I have been looking into duromine as my partner has severly injured his back and is unable to exercise much and has therefore gained weight which makes his back pain worse. I dont understand how it can be like speed, when its an appetite suppressant. Speed keeps you awake although im unaware of if it gives feelings of euphoria as such. This seems to be a very heated topic, I wonder if people get addicted to this duromine. I assume its like reductal? I dont think that is like speed.

Im very intested to see what my GP says about it. Anyhows I understand Duromine wouldnt be for everyone with different side effects and what not, I dought everyone would have the same type of side effects.

To skippy and the greek- Have you tried it and thats why you have such a strong opinion?

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