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Child care for 25 weeker Rss

Hi all

I was wondering what child care options people have looked into in NSW. My 25 weeker (who is now 1 yr old) has chronic lung disease so a traditional child care centre is not an option.

I am looking to go back to work 3 days in July of this year, live in the northern beaches in Sydney and would be willing to share a nanny if anyone is interested.

I believe there is a government dept to help out in this situation, however they are impossible to contact, any advice would be great!
A friend has a baby who was born early (not sure how many weeks) and she has a feeding tube in still and other special health needs and she is going to a regular "Mainstream" kindy (on the Northern Beaches too!).

She has a dedicated carer, doing 1:1 care for the days she is there. The centre/ family was able to secure extra funding to cover the cost of 1:1 care.

Might be worth asking your local centres if that sort of thing is available or an option. I know with the above case, the child's nurse and a physiotherapist came and did some training with the carer so she had some more knowledge of what the little girl's health issues were.


Sydney in home care may be able to help you out. You would need to get in touch with them to see if your child's illness meets their criteria. I believe a qualified child care worker comes to your home and that the service is CCB and CCR registered. But contact them for more details.
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