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Name combination help.

We're having a surprise due at the end of October and have some favourite names short listed...

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Aveline Darcy and Theodore Atticus


I don't like my 4 week old's name

Hi all, I'm new to the Huggies group. This issue has been bugging me since the day I got ho...

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I was the same with DS #2 as my partner chose the name and he knew I hated it. When he did it. It took a while to get used to and no...


Honest opinions on the name Azahra

Hi im after people's honest opinions on the name Azahra for a girl. Thanks

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I really like it, I love different names so go for it!


Third Boy

We have just found out that bubba is our 3rd boy!!! Argh (we are really at odds when it comes to...

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I like Damon Alexander as well


Middle name for Josie

Hi all Would love some middle name suggestions for Josie. We already have 2 Girls - Bailey Ann ...

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Here is the list of middle name for baby girl..... Grace Rose Louise Joy Trinity Adele Bernice Camden


Name ideas

Hi expecting our third bub in December and we don't know the sex..... We need some name ide...

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We have 2 boys, Brooklyn (6) Bentley (18weeks) if they were girls we would have used one of the following names Vidalia, Halayna, M...



With only a few weeks to go until bub 2 arrives we are back to square one. We thought we had a bo...

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Harry, Phoenix, Oliver..


Name feedback?...

Hi all, I am due in a month or so, not sure if boy or girl but we are all good with our boys na...

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I love asha. That is one of the top names on our list if we have a girl. A few people have told me that asha is the girls spelling a...


We arent convinced of the gender so cant choose a name?!

Gender accuracy- 13wk internal scan VS 20wks abdo scan. I dont have any pictures but i was wonde...

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You can still choose a name - pick one of each I would think that the 20wk scan would be more accurate.


It's another boy!!! Cody, Nate & ...............??

Just found out we're having a 3rd boy!!! So I need something short, sweet, spunky & not ...

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Boys names?

I have my heart settled on a girls name, now we need a boys name, any suggestions i dont want a c...

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Hi, Here are the some of the list of boys names... Abelard Barnett simon Ryan Carleton Chevalier Garrick Jamison Llewellyn...

- Jay T -

Unusual girl and boy names

Any ideas for some nice but unusual names for girls and boys?? By unusual I really mean slightly...

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GIRLS: Ava-Mae Azaleah (no not after Iggy Azaleah) Payton Eloise Mila Carley (love that spelling) Carrie Letitia (meaning Joy)...


One syllable boys names!!!!!!!!

My husband and I are REALLY struggling to find a name for our second son, to the point of loosing...

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I love Ollie!!! I wanted Benji for my son but hubby thought we should have the full name of benjamin for him, don't know why we...


Memphis or Maverick?

These are the names we are playing with at the moment, Memphis or Maverick. Which would you choos...

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Big Memphis fan. Has made or boys list twice but have yet to use it ( two girls). Hadn't got as far as thinking of middle names...


Boys names

I have my heart settled on a girls name, now we need a boys name, any suggestions i dont want a c...

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