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Baby boys names?

What are some non-overused boys names that aren't too outrageously different or unusual? My ...

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I very much struggled for boys names and we have 2 boys (found out the sex for the first one but not the second one). My boys names ...


Can't decide between two names!

Hi all! Can't decide between the following girl's names would love any feedback!! Cla...

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I also like Claudia Grace smile

Mama love

Indie Mae??

Expecting suprise baby #4 and hav been thinking of girls names. I like Indie Mae... Are there any...

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I really like that name too. It flows beautifully together smile


Banksy? Hate it or like

My husband and I love the name Banksy for a boy what do you think?

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Hey its completely up to you what u pick and everyone gets used to any name in a few weeks... but i suggest to keep looking, my husb...


Thoughts on names..???

After my very brief discussions with DH (who isn't really interested yet) on names I have co...

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I like Jake and Pheobe all the best


Choosing the Right Name for your Babies? Come In

Hi everyone, Just wondering if everyone was like me, when it come to choosing a name for your ba...

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I like Alex for a boy & Aubrey for a girl from your list, good luck deciding. We had our name picked out for a long time, so i...


picking names for twins??/

we don't know what we are having yet as we are only early.. we have got our girls names for ...

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Jacob & Toby Max & Noah Hunter & Chase Owen & Riley


HELP!! Sailor, Reef, and the like...??

I am helping my best friend find names for her little boy, as well as look for mine who is in the...

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Ocean Echo Hurley River Lake


Too similar?

We are expecting baby number 4 in July. ive absolutely fallen in love with the girls name Amarlie...

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Yeah they do sound very similar with the arlee sound, so I would probably avoid it. I just imagine you calling out to them when th...

Pretty but unusual girls names

Im after Pretty girls names but that arnet heard all the time. I dont mind Bailee, lexi and isla....

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I think some of the best girl names are here Dewi Carmen Cristina Carla Eva Camila Emma


I like Whitney, Isla or Josie. What do you think?

For a girl, I like Whitney, Josie, Isla, Alice (middle names will be Mary Lorraine) , for a boy...

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I like Josie, Isla For Boys: Louie, Charlie, Nicolas


Help Please - names are so hard!

Hi, Which names of our list do you like/hate? Girls: Eve Willow Ivy Mae / May Isla Indigo Summ...

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Purely my humble opinions!! - Don't like willow, Ivy or indigo. Oliver and Jack I think are very commonly used names at the mo...


India or Indiah?

Hi all, We are naming our baby Indiah Jillian (Jillian after my Mum) & last name starts with...

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I prefer the traditional spelling - India.


Initials CAW?

Anything wrong with the initials CAW that we haven't noticed?

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I can't think of anything when i see those letters.


Boys middle names to go with Ben or Adam

Looking for middle names to go with Ben or Adam. We would like something that isn't too com...

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ChiefsGirl wrote: I like Austin and Asher from your lists so far ... thanks ladies I do have a friend with a little dude called Ast...