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Need a boys name!!! Help!!

So we are expecting our second child in early October, we don't know the gender yet but we l...

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Luca Lucas Jacob Toby Levi Micah Good luck!


Love it, but don't think it works with last name....

Hi! My husband and I love the name Scarlett, but don't think it will go with our last name....

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I really love Scarlett but not sold on the combo with the last name sorry!


Help us complete our family of four!

Have chosen Elijah (Eli) & Noah for definite names but can't for the life of us think of...

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Help for baby girl names ????

Hi guys! What of the following first names do you like best?? Kaia Georgia Charlotte Zipporah...

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either Charlotte or Georgia with rose as a middle name


Nawwwww and the royal princess has just been named......what a gorgeous name!!!

Nawwww and a beautiful princess is named Charlotte, gorgeous name!!! What do you guys think? ht...

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Charlotte name is beautiful. And, the meaning of the name Charlotte( is: Feminine manly.


What are the rules??

Please Help! Feeling between a rock and a hard place! Hubby and I picked our babies names long ag...

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If you really not feeling good to name your son with that same name, you can go for some other one. There are many sources available...


Help with middle names for my baby boy!

Hi all, we've decided to name our new baby boy Tyson. I've always liked this name, but...

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Luke Levi Eli Jay Elliot


My shortlist

We are due in 2 weeks and I'd love some anonymous and independent feedback on our top 3 name...

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ivy and felix


Baby boy due in 6 days - no idea what to call him!

Hi all, we already have 2 daughters Hazel Elizabeth Georgiana Ivy and are expecting a boy due on...

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I like Roscoe A lot Hazel, Georgiana & Nathaniel (Nate) Willoughby (Will) Theodore (Theo) Augustus (Gus) Dominic (Nic) Leopo...


Finley for a girl

Totally love the name Finley for a girl. Question is: Finley or Finlay? I want people to pronounc...

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I would spell it Finley or Finleigh


Need Help..!!

Hey, I need some help with a middle name to go with Brax... Any ideas would be muchly appreciated..

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What about babys dads name? Or Levi Conner Marley


Drew - feminine or masculine name?

The name Drew is said to be a unisex name and its most common meaning is manly, wise and brave B...

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I have a male cousin called Drew, so masculine to me.


HELP- baby boy names! Having baby this week

Hi all, We are due to have our baby boy this week and are struggling with a name. We like names t...

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I like Arley among all the names, I also would like to suggest few: Ardsly Arty Arvy Archy Ardley Arny Ardsley You can refer below l...

Pretty but unusual girls names

Im after Pretty girls names but that arnet heard all the time. I dont mind Bailee, lexi and isla....

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Nevaeh is my niece's name, they pronounce it N-vay-yah Not my cup of tea, but really suits her


Your Thoughts on Alma Rosamund Mc.. And Levi James Mc..

We are expecting.. ?? We really like the name Alma Rosamund or Alma Venice? For a girl And Levi J...

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