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India or Indiah?

Hi all, We are naming our baby Indiah Jillian (Jillian after my Mum) & last name starts with...

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Had another thought. If you aren't sure about the name India/Indiah and you plan to call her Indie anyway, what about another ...

Mama love

Indie Mae??

Expecting suprise baby #4 and hav been thinking of girls names. I like Indie Mae... Are there any...

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I have a India Delilah, and a Isla May. I love indie Mae


Help Please - names are so hard!

Hi, Which names of our list do you like/hate? Girls: Eve Willow Ivy Mae / May Isla Indigo Summ...

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Love those names, I have a Isla, Oscar was our pick for a boy. But we are having another girl.


I like Whitney, Isla or Josie. What do you think?

For a girl, I like Whitney, Josie, Isla, Alice (middle names will be Mary Lorraine) , for a boy...

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I love Isla and Jude... My DD is Isla so im biased


Boys middle names to go with Ben or Adam

Looking for middle names to go with Ben or Adam. We would like something that isn't too com...

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ChiefsGirl wrote: I like Austin and Asher from your lists so far ... thanks ladies I do have a friend with a little dude called Ast...


Your Feedback On My Top Picks & Australian/Arabic Baby Name Suggestions Required :)

Hi Team, I would like some feedback on the following female baby name options or some other sug...

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I love the name Bethany. Other Arabic names I like are Suraya, Amera, Shirin and Selima.


Girl middle names help!

Just yesterday I found out I'm having a little girl! My partner and I have two names chosen...

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Being a long name I think Isabella sounds great with a short middle name. Jane works really well! How about Isabella Skye, Isabella...


Earthy / edgy / beachy baby boy names

I'm expecting my 3rd baby, a boy, and am very stuck for names. My daughter is Airlie and son...

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How about Sol?


Trying to settle on a name

Hi. Need some outside opinions on our name we've chosen for our baby girl arriving soon. We ...

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I really like it. Go for it I say. Nice choice


Name Suggestions?!

My Husband and I found out that our little man has a heart condition, so everything is a bit unce...

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Hi there. I don't have any name suggestions for you. But I just wanted to wish you luck with your babies heart condition. It&...



Which do you prefer? Maelyn or Maylee? Middle name suggestions? Thanks

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I like Maylee Maylee Brianne, Maylee Jane, Maylee Ruth, Maylee Elizabeth, Maylee Claire


Looking for baby names!!! Something different, funky, unusual....

Hi, I was hoping to put some hope into all your lovely mother's out there. Both my partner and ...

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Girls: Zahra; Zara; Zya; Boys; Azriel; Daxton; Drummer Mayer. Good Luck


middle name help for my baby girl

We need help deciding on a middle name for our baby girl she is 5 days old. here is a list that w...

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Ella Grace; Ella Rose; Ella Maree. Good luck.


Help for 2nd boys name!!

Our first is WilLIAM (called Will). Was after some opinions for second boy. Options are: Blake Lu...

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Will & Hugh


Angelique likes Ethan, Elijah or Amelie. What do you think?

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

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