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Thoughts of the name Primrose for a girl

Hello ladies , I am due to have a baby girl in 3 months. I am wanting to know peoples thoughts on...

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The first thing that comes to mind is Fifi and the Flowertots cartoon... There's a primrose on there. Personally I'm not ...


Baby Name Dilemma

Hi All I am less than 2 weeks to my due date and hubby and I have finally agreed on a name for ou...

6 replies

Id still use it.. If i had my heart set on the name nothing would make me change my mind..


Strong baby boys names??

Hubby and I have agreed on a girls name (easily) 'Luca Madeline' But do not even like o...

6 replies

I would use Luca for a boy too! It's a lovely name for a boy or girl. If your dh likes Jimmy have you considered James with Jim...


Help! Uncommon Girl names

Hi, I'm currently 21 weeks pregnant with my 3rd, I have two boys and am expecting a baby gir...

9 replies

Shanara Shannah Evaria Avalon Ariyah - pronounced ar-eye-ah not ar-EE-ah Arienna Arihana Zariya Emerin


Name opinions / suggestions

We are still nowhere even close to having a name short list, but the following are some that we&#...

6 replies

I love Milla thats what we have picked for our lil bub due 1 week Also love Aria For a boy Ronan would be my fav off list so loving ...


last name arguement

Hi All, having trouble deciding on the last name of my tiwns due in september/october. I would li...

8 replies

*cody+nate'smummy* wrote: Could u give them your surname/s as middle names??? Love that u just changed your surname 3Tinks......


still struggling with girls names

Hi I think I am sorted for boys names but still really struggling for a girl. Can you comment whi...

15 replies

The first or last name go best. Don't like Betty :/


Carrie likes Haydon, Cassandra or Ethan. What do you think?

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

4 replies

Out of your list I like Cassandra, Jacinta, Kayla, Dustin. I like Kaelin too! But spelt Caelan and as a boys name. http://www.she...


This baby is going to have no name

I am 31 weeks tomorrow with #6 and I have no idea of what to call him/her. I don't want a c...

13 replies

Amarli Isla Eva Everley Aria Lila Ruby Lincoln Nathan Flynn Archer Xavier Rylan


A little sister for Eamon

We have a son called Eamon (pronounced Ay-min) and a little girl on the way. We haven't set...

14 replies

Congratulations! And yes, it is a lovley name!


Reagan - boy or girls name?

Hi ladies, I'm trying to change my attitude and start being more positive about this pregna...

18 replies

I would guess girl if I saw it. I think because it reminds me of the name Tegan (sp?!) But I guess it could be unisex. Wouldn'...


Need baby boys names please

Just found out I'm having a boy can anyone give me any ideas of first and middle names or e...

1 reply

Orson Blake Marlow Chase Webster Drake Otto Teague Jethro Floyd Dustin Elliot Wyatt Caleb Cullen Boyd Torben Gage Seymor Griffin Dig...


Name ideas for 3rd baby please

I'm expecting our 3rd baby and haven't found out the sex this time so am up for some na...

6 replies

Bumpity bump


Boys name that starts with B

Hi there we are looking for a boys name that stars with B at the moment we like Beau and Bodie...

37 replies

Bradly Ben Brian Brook Brad Brandon Choose to my suggestion


Help please!?

We have been struggling to think of boys names, we wanted something a little unusual/ uncommon an...

11 replies


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