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Need a boys name!!! Help!!

So we are expecting our second child in early October, we don't know the gender yet but we l...

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Hi Natalie, We have the same problem, or second is due in November and we have a girls name but can't seem to think of any boys...


What are the rules??

Please Help! Feeling between a rock and a hard place! Hubby and I picked our babies names long ag...

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I think you should go with the name you have chosen. You will regret it if you don't. Names are so hard to agree on. Good luck...


"Stolen" baby name

I use the word "stolen" very loosely as no one owns a name however this is my dilemma. ...

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Don't know how to start this so will start with use the name. As the others have mentioned people come and go, and do you real...


Percy- thoughts??

We are expecting a little man in June. We already have a princess Charlotte Ava and really like ...

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I'm going to be honest and admit that the first thing that came to mind is the engine on Thomas the Tank Engine! As RS said, pr...


A possible brother for Bronson

Hi I'm after some name suggestions for a boys name. I already have a son named Bronson.

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I like Riley, Eli, Isaiah, and Xavier


Baby boys names?

What are some non-overused boys names that aren't too outrageously different or unusual? My ...

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My daughter has a little friend at day care named Carter - I find it a quite nice name, both as a child and later as an adult


Help! Levi or Ethan?

Hi I would love some opinions on our final two names. I can't decide which one I like best...

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I was actually deciding between Ethan and Riley the other day LOL but Levi was also in my shortlist A lady told me the other day ...


Laura likes Harrison, Heath or Aiden. What do you think?

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

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Hudson or Harrison


What do you think of Milla to join older siblings Leo and Stella?

Hi! i'm having a little girl soon and would like to name her Milla (pronounced with a short ...

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I love Milla. I actually had on my shortlist Mila with one 'l' and I would say it 'Miller' although I don't...


Clare likes Scarlett, Krystal or Zara. What do you think?

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

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My daughter is Lara so I love that. Sienna was my pick for a second girl so good taste


Someone stole my babies pet name... Advice needed!

Hi, I'm new here and have come for advice. I have a pet name for my daughter that is very un...

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Welcome to huggies I would let it go. Parenting is about choosing your battles (not only when it comes to your child) and for me ...

Mama love

Indie Mae??

Expecting suprise baby #4 and hav been thinking of girls names. I like Indie Mae... Are there any...

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I like that and it's lovely.


Help Please - names are so hard!

Hi, Which names of our list do you like/hate? Girls: Eve Willow Ivy Mae / May Isla Indigo Summ...

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Love Eve (probably the only name i would use from your list) & Isla.. I have never liked the name Summer for a girl! And off yo...


Name Suggestions?!

My Husband and I found out that our little man has a heart condition, so everything is a bit unce...

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Ethan is on my list of possibilities - means Strong.


Can't decide between two names!

Hi all! Can't decide between the following girl's names would love any feedback!! Cla...

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I cant decide either - both are lovely!