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Girl names

Hi, So I really love the name Violet. And also lila/Lyla But I keep finding other names I like...

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I agree that there is so many pretty girls names out there.


Names for baby number 2

Hi Ladies I'm 13.5w with number 2. We are going to learn the baby's gender at the 20w ...

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Annabeth Annalise Jenna Lucille Arielle Lauren Louise Julie Jewel Jules Helena Hugh Huck Huxley Duke Percy Pacey Raleigh Riley A...


Name combination help.

We're having a surprise due at the end of October and have some favourite names short listed...

7 replies

How about Darcelle Snow or Wynter Snow for a girl.


boys names starting with N or I

Good afternoon ladies, can you please hit me with boys names starting with N or I? I love Nate, D...

12 replies

Nelson Naaman Neville Ivor Ian Iskander

Dani S

Pregnant with son #3. Help with boys names please

Hi everyone, I just found out that we're expecting a third boy in December. We had so much t...

5 replies

Thanks very much Mama Smurf. I'm thinking 2 or more syllables in the name. Doesn't matter how many letters. Like your idea...


Honest opinions on the name Azahra

Hi im after people's honest opinions on the name Azahra for a girl. Thanks

14 replies

I like it, it sounds exotic and unique and if you go for it your daughter will have a beautiful name that very few others will have....


Tamykka likes Katelyn, Kaitlyn or Donte. What do you think?

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

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My brothers are Dominic and Dante so I pick those, and I prefer the spelling Dante. I also like Dominic for a girl, with the accent,...


I don't like my 4 week old's name

Hi all, I'm new to the Huggies group. This issue has been bugging me since the day I got ho...

57 replies

I was the same with DS #2 as my partner chose the name and he knew I hated it. When he did it. It took a while to get used to and no...


Third Boy

We have just found out that bubba is our 3rd boy!!! Argh (we are really at odds when it comes to...

4 replies

I like Damon Alexander as well


Middle name for Josie

Hi all Would love some middle name suggestions for Josie. We already have 2 Girls - Bailey Ann ...

7 replies

Here is the list of middle name for baby girl..... Grace Rose Louise Joy Trinity Adele Bernice Camden


Name ideas

Hi expecting our third bub in December and we don't know the sex..... We need some name ide...

8 replies

We have 2 boys, Brooklyn (6) Bentley (18weeks) if they were girls we would have used one of the following names Vidalia, Halayna, M...



With only a few weeks to go until bub 2 arrives we are back to square one. We thought we had a bo...

4 replies

Harry, Phoenix, Oliver..


Name feedback?...

Hi all, I am due in a month or so, not sure if boy or girl but we are all good with our boys na...

15 replies

I love asha. That is one of the top names on our list if we have a girl. A few people have told me that asha is the girls spelling a...


We arent convinced of the gender so cant choose a name?!

Gender accuracy- 13wk internal scan VS 20wks abdo scan. I dont have any pictures but i was wonde...

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You can still choose a name - pick one of each I would think that the 20wk scan would be more accurate.


It's another boy!!! Cody, Nate & ...............??

Just found out we're having a 3rd boy!!! So I need something short, sweet, spunky & not ...

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