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Banksy? Hate it or like

My husband and I love the name Banksy for a boy what do you think?

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Hey its completely up to you what u pick and everyone gets used to any name in a few weeks... but i suggest to keep looking, my husb...


Thoughts on names..???

After my very brief discussions with DH (who isn't really interested yet) on names I have co...

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I like Jake and Pheobe all the best


Choosing the Right Name for your Babies? Come In

Hi everyone, Just wondering if everyone was like me, when it come to choosing a name for your ba...

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I like Alex for a boy & Aubrey for a girl from your list, good luck deciding. We had our name picked out for a long time, so i...


Can't decide between two names!

Hi all! Can't decide between the following girl's names would love any feedback!! Cla...

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Cleo Grace! Why not what until you meet her and see which of the two names takes you.


Baby boys names?

What are some non-overused boys names that aren't too outrageously different or unusual? My ...

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I met a little boy called Monash the other day, and thought it was a cool name, also Caspian, Soren and Dorrigo are some other great...


picking names for twins??/

we don't know what we are having yet as we are only early.. we have got our girls names for ...

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Jacob & Toby Max & Noah Hunter & Chase Owen & Riley


HELP!! Sailor, Reef, and the like...??

I am helping my best friend find names for her little boy, as well as look for mine who is in the...

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Ocean Echo Hurley River Lake


Too similar?

We are expecting baby number 4 in July. ive absolutely fallen in love with the girls name Amarlie...

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Yeah they do sound very similar with the arlee sound, so I would probably avoid it. I just imagine you calling out to them when th...

Pretty but unusual girls names

Im after Pretty girls names but that arnet heard all the time. I dont mind Bailee, lexi and isla....

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I think some of the best girl names are here Dewi Carmen Cristina Carla Eva Camila Emma


I like Whitney, Isla or Josie. What do you think?

For a girl, I like Whitney, Josie, Isla, Alice (middle names will be Mary Lorraine) , for a boy...

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I like Josie, Isla For Boys: Louie, Charlie, Nicolas


Help Please - names are so hard!

Hi, Which names of our list do you like/hate? Girls: Eve Willow Ivy Mae / May Isla Indigo Summ...

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Purely my humble opinions!! - Don't like willow, Ivy or indigo. Oliver and Jack I think are very commonly used names at the mo...

Mama love

Indie Mae??

Expecting suprise baby #4 and hav been thinking of girls names. I like Indie Mae... Are there any...

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I like Indie Mae. I also like Indie Paige Indie Lila Indie Eve Indie Rose


India or Indiah?

Hi all, We are naming our baby Indiah Jillian (Jillian after my Mum) & last name starts with...

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I prefer the traditional spelling - India.


Initials CAW?

Anything wrong with the initials CAW that we haven't noticed?

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I can't think of anything when i see those letters.


Boys middle names to go with Ben or Adam

Looking for middle names to go with Ben or Adam. We would like something that isn't too com...

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ChiefsGirl wrote: I like Austin and Asher from your lists so far ... thanks ladies I do have a friend with a little dude called Ast...