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Which do you prefer? Maelyn or Maylee? Middle name suggestions? Thanks

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Maylee would be my choice. Middle names - my first pick would be a family name but if you just want something that sounds good and ...


Looking for baby names!!! Something different, funky, unusual....

Hi, I was hoping to put some hope into all your lovely mother's out there. Both my partner and ...

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Boys i like Hudson J'kobi Anderson Harrison (but is getting popular)


Boy's names relate to Melinda

Hi guys, My daughter is called Melinda Quinn I'm trying to find a name for our son. Can you...

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Sullivan Bronson Corbin Adrian Blake/Blakely


Earthy / edgy / beachy baby boy names

I'm expecting my 3rd baby, a boy, and am very stuck for names. My daughter is Airlie and son...

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I like Taj Jett Rhett Kobe Beau


A girls name that goes with Hugo?

Hi all, We are expecting a baby girl in early 2015. Our little man's name is Hugo. We are...

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WOW guys thank so much! I have been away for a few days and have only just come back to see if anyone had responded!! I am overwhe...


Help for 2nd boys name!!

Our first is WilLIAM (called Will). Was after some opinions for second boy. Options are: Blake Lu...

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Slater / Fletcher / Blake - which boys name?

Hi my baby is due in 6 days and these are the 3 front runners for our little one. Which name do y...

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I would say Blake as this is in my top 3!!


Baby boys names?

What are some non-overused boys names that aren't too outrageously different or unusual? My ...

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Adam, Luca, Hayden, Johnny, Regan, Tristan, Declan, Kyle, Ryan, Rhys, Tayne/Taine, Duke, Kingston, Fletcher, Dwayne, Quade, Dalton, ...


Looking for awesome Maori boys names

I have Tippene in mind and Hemi. Anyone have other awesome boy Maori names ?

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Thank you all for such awesome names God bless


I like Whitney, Isla or Josie. What do you think?

For a girl, I like Whitney, Josie, Isla, Alice (middle names will be Mary Lorraine) , for a boy...

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I like Josie and Isla for a girl and Brody and Jude for a boy



There is no reason you couldn't use it but if it was me I would keep looking.

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Kayell wrote: sorry, whats OP? Original poster.


Kids Names

Hey guys i need name inspiration, what are you kids first and middle names?

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Tamykka Skye Rhys Michael (middle name after father)


Vote your faveourite and comment Thoughts on these names please :)

Hi just wanted some opinions please girl: Ivy Violet Eve Evelyn Evie Willow Mia boy: Jack Jack...

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I love Violet, followed by Evie. I also like Eva, Everly. Boys I like Jackson, Oliver and then Jack.


Less common boys name

Hi All, I'm 21 weeks pregnant and despite my convictions, we have just found out we're...

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Xavier Lincoln Leo Emmett Asher


Baby #3

Baby number 3 is due next year and I'm stumped for names. I have a son Bronson Aliks and a ...

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What about boys names ending in IC, OC, EK or IK Eric, Alaric, Malik, Radek, Cradoc Girls names ending in IN, YN, INNE or INE Cori...