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Help! Baby girl names.

Hi, im 26weeks expecting a little girl and i have no idea what her name will be. Her father like...

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My daughter is Amarli Grace. I also love Ava Eva Everly Violet Delilah Ayla Chloe Claire/Clara Isla Lilah Amaya Ruby Sienna


Pronunciation of this name?

If you saw the name DAMON how would you pronounce it? Thanks

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Day mon


A name like Finn

I don't know what it is I like about the boys name Finn but DH hates it. Any suggestions fo...

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Miller Ethan Liam Nate Cooper What about Finlay/Finley ?


Torn between two names, need your help please!

Hi all, we've found out we're having a girl (yay:) and have a few friends also having g...

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Thanks heaps everyone, keep 'em coming


Jane likes Claudia, Daisy or Matilda. What do you think?

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

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opinions please! - Aurora, nice or not

Hubby and I have revealed the sex so it's really important to us the name is a secret. I...

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Yay! That's a lovely name Alice. That's one of my fave names. Good luck to you and your baby.


opinions on names

Hi everyone, i'm at the 36 week mark now and have narrowed down names. As extra info, we hav...

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So far thats 3 for Dylan and 2 for Nathan (i had also thought that Ashton and Aaron might be too similar so will probably leave out ...

Mrs D!

We have decided on REEF, what does everyone think??

Hello Fellow Mummies and Mummies to be!! My DH and I have decided on the name REEF, my mother in...

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I was here to check the thread and contribute my 2 cents. Then I found out this is almost 4 years old. I like Reef anyways, not tha...


Does it really matter how popular a name is? 3 days til DD and not sure on name

Hey my due date is 3 days away and still not sure on a name. I really like Ava but is it too popu...

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Yes, just go for your preferred names, it shouldn't matter if it's popular or not. And I personally think Ava is a lovely ...


Boys name list- what's your pick please?!

Toby Mathew Hamish Luke Jack Mathew Saxon Harry Logan Harry Ethan Harry Ryan Mathew Keeping in ...

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I personally like Ethan. Hamish is my second choice


Charlie for a girls name?

Hi everyone I am only a few weeks pregnant and i dont know what sex i am having. But my partner ...

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Yes I also agree! I've been planning to do that as well, have a girly name as her official name (say Charlotte, Charlene) and C...


Sister for Elsie Jane - HELP!!

Has anyone had the pleasure of naming their first baby girl, been so happy with the name, then wh...

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Thanks everyone, I definitely have some lovely "new" names to think about! It's helped keeping an open mind, I would ...


opinion on name

Hey what do u girls think of the name laikan tommy

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Thats ok I thought that was the case hahah all gd


Helen likes Ari, Aili or Viva. What do you think?

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

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Ari or Emmeline but I prefer Emme even more! TBH Aili looks unfinished to me & Viva just makes me add Las Vegas to it!? What ...


39 weeks pregnant and still can't decide on name! Help!!

Hi everyone, I'm due in 6 days with our first baby and my husband and I still can't dec...

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I like Ayla. I'm going to suggest Hailo and Delilah as they are similar. Ayla Hailo? Hailo Autumn? Delilah Meadow?

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