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Girl name to go with Harriet

Hi all, I'm 22 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and we are expecting another girl I'...

3 replies

I vote for Harriet Annabel as well! Other suggestions I can think of right now: Avery Ayesha Aliya Cassandra Charlotte Have fun co...


Need a boys name urgently!

My third boy is due in two weeks and we still don't have a name. Big brothers are Kai and Le...

14 replies

Just thought to contribute a few suggestions here: Dylan Zion Kace Kane Killian Rylan Asher Declan Liam Hope you have a good time ...


Sister for Elsie Jane - HELP!!

Has anyone had the pleasure of naming their first baby girl, been so happy with the name, then wh...

8 replies

We had that same problem! It took us awhile to find a name we loved for both dd2 and dd3! We have claire, hannah and emily. Of ...


Girl name not ending in a??

Hello all. I am due in 8 weeks with a little girl and love the names Anais, Anouk, Belle and Iri...

4 replies

Sage Lacey Macy Everly Josie Bridie Matisse Poppy Neve Esther


Lauren likes Charli, Poppy or Natalie. What do you think?

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

4 replies

I like Ashton and Jack for a boy, and Poppy and Anna for a girl.


39 weeks pregnant and still can't decide on name! Help!!

Hi everyone, I'm due in 6 days with our first baby and my husband and I still can't dec...

7 replies

Kmm006 wrote: Hi everyone, I'm due in 6 days with our first baby and my husband and I still can't decide on a name if the ...


Middle name suggestions

I'm due in 5 days and still can't decide on a middle name for Peyton! I've narrowe...

2 replies

Peyton Willow or Elise ~ both beautiful so u can't go wrong!? Good luck deciding


Opinions on Anouk??

Hello all, what are your thoughts on Anouk for a girl's name? I really like it, but am not 1...

11 replies

I love Alma, and like Nora, Anouk is ok, but makes me think of an eskimo



I've always loved the name Payton/Peyton and have had my heart set on naming my daughter it,...

3 replies

I would only use Peyton for a girl!


Zahlia or Zara??

So we've narrowed It down to Zahlia or Zara. Which one do you think? Suggestions on middle n...

7 replies

I like them both but prefer Zara! Zara Shaye Zara Lily Zara Jade Zara Jasmine Zara Lee Zara Tahlia Good luck deciding


Which one from these 4 girls names?

We have a girl due in December Her brother is Flynn. Flynn and Matilda Flynn and Violet Flynn ...

14 replies

Maeve +


Short Uncommon Baby Girl Name (Middle Name Ruby)

Hi We already have a Rhia so are wanting a short uncommon girls names to match this that will a...

10 replies

Tara.... (my name but I hate it) lol


Middle name for Emme

Hi, we have settled on first name Emme for our baby girl but have 3 middle name options: Emme Ray...

9 replies

I really like Raya.

blonde lizzard

Flynn for a girl?

What do you think of using Flynn for a girl? Have less than 10 weeks to go, and have our boys na...

16 replies

Flynn is a boys name. I don't like it for a girl. I really like the suggestion of Quinn.


Boys names

Any name ideas? throw them at me. nothing overly stands out when i read the names lists. if it do...

16 replies

Im slightly leaning towards Caleb

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