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Middle name for Emme

Hi, we have settled on first name Emme for our baby girl but have 3 middle name options: Emme Ray...

9 replies

I really like Raya.


Zahlia or Zara??

So we've narrowed It down to Zahlia or Zara. Which one do you think? Suggestions on middle n...

4 replies

I like both. I prefer Zahli over Zahlia though. My pick would be Zara. Zara Jayde Zara Jewel Zara Skye Zara Violet


Need a boys name urgently!

My third boy is due in two weeks and we still don't have a name. Big brothers are Kai and Le...

4 replies

Taj was the 1st name that came to my mind. Cruz Lincoln Rylan Leo Ashton Archer Korben Xavier Mason Jace Orlando

blonde lizzard

Flynn for a girl?

What do you think of using Flynn for a girl? Have less than 10 weeks to go, and have our boys na...

16 replies

Flynn is a boys name. I don't like it for a girl. I really like the suggestion of Quinn.


Boys names

Any name ideas? throw them at me. nothing overly stands out when i read the names lists. if it do...

16 replies

Im slightly leaning towards Caleb



I've always loved the name Payton/Peyton and have had my heart set on naming my daughter it,...

2 replies

That's my daughters name. I love it. I spell it Payten.


Middle name (and spelling?) for Kobe!

I think we're pretty much decided on Kobe for our boy, as I feel it's more a boy's...

12 replies

I don't know!! I even said Royce is sliiiiightly better but nope won't have that! He was the one who suggested Koby too, I...


Which one from these 4 girls names?

We have a girl due in December Her brother is Flynn. Flynn and Matilda Flynn and Violet Flynn ...

13 replies

I like Lucy from your list


Help us choose a middle name :-)

Hi, My husband and I are struggling to find a middle name. We have two daughters called Mia Joy ...

15 replies

Lara Jasmine for sure...just beautiful!


Help! Cant decide on a boy name from these 4...

Ok so my partner and I are expecting our first bubba any day now. We need some help deciding from...

8 replies

I love just Leo or Archer! Good luck deciding


Short Uncommon Baby Girl Name (Middle Name Ruby)

Hi We already have a Rhia so are wanting a short uncommon girls names to match this that will a...

7 replies

I instantly thought Shaye... Shaye Ruby sounds beautiful!


Girls names to go with Sullivan and Oakley

Could you please help me find a girls name to go with Sullivan and Oakley. I have attached th...

3 replies

I instantly loved Arizona! Such a beautiful but spunky name like her siblings! I like Isla & Aurora too! Good luck deciding!


Feminine Boys Names for a Girl

I am turning to the idea of having a feminine boys name for my second DD such as Rory, Stevie, La...

10 replies

How about inspiration from home and away: Darcy Casey Ricki Charlie Harley Or Billie, Frankie, Jessie, Emerson, Hadley.



WDYT of the name Lewis? Do you think it's climbing in popularity?

1 reply

I don't mind the name Lewis. I definitely think it is growing in popularity.


Help with a girl's name please :)

Hi, my fiancé and I are expecting our first baby and we'd love to give her a name inspired f...

8 replies

I love Willow!

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