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Looking for baby names!!! Something different, funky, unusual....

Hi, I was hoping to put some hope into all your lovely mother's out there. Both my partner and ...

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Boys i like Hudson J'kobi Anderson Harrison (but is getting popular)


Boy's names relate to Melinda

Hi guys, My daughter is called Melinda Quinn I'm trying to find a name for our son. Can you...

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Sullivan Bronson Corbin Adrian Blake/Blakely


Earthy / edgy / beachy baby boy names

I'm expecting my 3rd baby, a boy, and am very stuck for names. My daughter is Airlie and son...

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I like Taj Jett Rhett Kobe Beau


A girls name that goes with Hugo?

Hi all, We are expecting a baby girl in early 2015. Our little man's name is Hugo. We are...

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WOW guys thank so much! I have been away for a few days and have only just come back to see if anyone had responded!! I am overwhe...


Help for 2nd boys name!!

Our first is WilLIAM (called Will). Was after some opinions for second boy. Options are: Blake Lu...

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Slater / Fletcher / Blake - which boys name?

Hi my baby is due in 6 days and these are the 3 front runners for our little one. Which name do y...

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I would say Blake as this is in my top 3!!


Baby boys names?

What are some non-overused boys names that aren't too outrageously different or unusual? My ...

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Adam, Luca, Hayden, Johnny, Regan, Tristan, Declan, Kyle, Ryan, Rhys, Tayne/Taine, Duke, Kingston, Fletcher, Dwayne, Quade, Dalton, ...


Looking for awesome Maori boys names

I have Tippene in mind and Hemi. Anyone have other awesome boy Maori names ?

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Thank you all for such awesome names God bless


I like Whitney, Isla or Josie. What do you think?

For a girl, I like Whitney, Josie, Isla, Alice (middle names will be Mary Lorraine) , for a boy...

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I like Josie and Isla for a girl and Brody and Jude for a boy



There is no reason you couldn't use it but if it was me I would keep looking.

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Kayell wrote: sorry, whats OP? Original poster.


Kids Names

Hey guys i need name inspiration, what are you kids first and middle names?

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Tamykka Skye Rhys Michael (middle name after father)


Vote your faveourite and comment Thoughts on these names please :)

Hi just wanted some opinions please girl: Ivy Violet Eve Evelyn Evie Willow Mia boy: Jack Jack...

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I love Violet, followed by Evie. I also like Eva, Everly. Boys I like Jackson, Oliver and then Jack.


Less common boys name

Hi All, I'm 21 weeks pregnant and despite my convictions, we have just found out we're...

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Xavier Lincoln Leo Emmett Asher


Baby #3

Baby number 3 is due next year and I'm stumped for names. I have a son Bronson Aliks and a ...

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What about boys names ending in IC, OC, EK or IK Eric, Alaric, Malik, Radek, Cradoc Girls names ending in IN, YN, INNE or INE Cori...


maryam likes Elle. What do you think?

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

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I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favourites. But I need your help to choos...