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What Month Is Your Baby Due?


Huggies Pregnancy and Birth Information

Our Pregnancy and Birth section provides you with some great information about what to expect dur...

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I have found this section an excellent help. This is my first pregnancy and I'm 25 weeks along. Counting down and learning about my ...


Due November 2015

Hi Ladies, Thought id start a new group for November babies. I got a very faint BFP at 11 DPO. I...

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Great. My email address is


Any September 2015 mummas? I know it's early!

Currently pregnant for the first time, super excited! We are 4w+4d today and have an appointment ...

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It wasnt deleted but they made the decision not to add anyone else. As far as I know no one has made another group. I dont have the ...


Due July 2015

I think I will be due 5th July

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Hi My baby will be due on july 14th this year. Could I join the face book group too? this is my link


Due in August 2015

A group for Mums to be due in August 2015 I got a feint BFP today This will be baby number 4!! ...

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Hi ladies. I am also due in August and am keen to join the Facebook group CP33 I've found the link to your page so I'll a...


Due October 2015

This seems ridiculously early, but I just got a very early positive test, and according to my ovu...

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Lucky you katrinaRussell and congrats . It took us 10 months but finally I'm pregnant with our first feeling very blessed . I ...


September / August 2015 babies?

Hey all, trying to find people who are due around the same time so we can chat and support one an...

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Due April 2015

Hi ladies, anyone else due in April? I know its still early. I think I'm due around the 3rd ...

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Can someone tell me how to get added to the FB page. I am due April 9th


DUE IN MAY 2015!!

Excited to get a bfp! This is our 4th baby. Anyone else due in May yet?

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Hello I am due on the 11th of May and also living in Wellington, NZ


Facebook support group babies due Feb 2015

Hi Ladies, I have just moved back home to Auckland from Melbourne, I am due with my second on the...

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August 2015???

Just wondering if there is a thread for mummas due in August 2015?

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Hi, Im due in August 2015

Six Wolves


Hello! We wanted to reach out to you in regards to a project we are casting for Qantas, in hopes ...

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Due in March 2015

Hey ladies, is there anyone else who has got their BFP that will be due in March 2015? I got a ...

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Hi just wondering if i might be able to be added to the facebook group? ( Im due 18th March. I know I...


Great I already have-not great sources good

Great I already have-not great sources good healthy water ham I didn't realized that I got i...

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Anyone live in Wellington or Kapiti?

Hey everyone. I'm due on 18th April 2015 and am currently 12 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I wa...

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Hi charlotte. I'm only 5 weekS 2 days but I live in wellington. I'm just starting to feel horrible. I hope your starti...