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What Month Is Your Baby Due?


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Our Pregnancy and Birth section provides you with some great information about what to expect dur...

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I have found this section an excellent help. This is my first pregnancy and I'm 25 weeks along. Counting down and learning about my ...


Due in August 2015

A group for Mums to be due in August 2015 I got a feint BFP today This will be baby number 4!! ...

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Hi everyone- got two BFP's today due August 10th. This is our first baby so exciting!


Due July 2015

I think I will be due 5th July

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just wanted to see my ticker lol


DUE IN MAY 2015!!

Excited to get a bfp! This is our 4th baby. Anyone else due in May yet?

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Richelle_M wrote: Yup there is a facebook group smile I will just need your facebook name and profile pic so I can find and friend r...


Anyone live in Wellington or Kapiti?

Hey everyone. I'm due on 18th April 2015 and am currently 12 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I wa...

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Hi charlotte. I'm only 5 weekS 2 days but I live in wellington. I'm just starting to feel horrible. I hope your starti...


Due June 2014

JUNE 2014 DUE DATES!! 28 May Chasing Stars 29 May KiraJanefromUK 1st MrsMelly, MrsDaley, Li...

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Hi Ladies, don't know if anyone checks back here any more but since I no longer have access to the Facebook group, I just want ...


Due in March 2015

Hey ladies, is there anyone else who has got their BFP that will be due in March 2015? I got a ...

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Plzz everybody I need votes for my girl to win baby of the year 2014 she is number #103 !!! Plzz link is below much appreciated ht...


Due February 2015

Hello anyone else due in feb??

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I'm not sure about a local one, but you can join the Feb Bubbas fb group with us ladies from NZ and Aus See details in previou...


Any December mums to be livening in Sydney nsw?

Is there anyone due in December living in Sydney Australia ... I'm due on the 28th... I'...

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Due October 2014

I cant seem to find a thread for October 2014 babies so I thought Id start it. MegzieB - Due 16t...

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Can u please add me to the fb group? My baby was born on 4/10 email:


Due July 2015 secret Facebook page

hi ladies Just letting you know I have set up a secret Facebook group for mummy's due in Ju...

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Hi Gubbys , congratulations , just add me on fb (link is a few posts up) and then I can add you to the group


Due April 2015

Hi ladies, anyone else due in April? I know its still early. I think I'm due around the 3rd ...

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Hi everyone, new to this forum too...I'm due April 27. Can I please be added to the FB group too please? My name is Mandy Seo -...


Due in June 2015

For mummies due in June 2015

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Hi Christie congrats and of course you can. If you add me on Facebook Mellissa Greeff (Pestana) ten I can add you to the facebook g...


Due in November 2014

Hi! I'm jessica, just found out I'm expecting baby number 2 after a misscarige last cyc...

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Oh wow myunexpectedblessing...sounds super scary but I'm glad all's turned out fab for lil Ryan! All's going great he...


Due October 2012

I couldnt find a October 2012 thread.. so I'm thinking I must be the first one Well got our pos...

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Is there a fb group for October 2012 bubs?