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Hi everyone, This forum has been created for members to exchange their questions, experiences a...

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Thanks Christina I finally have been booked in for a cesarean, had to see an obstetritian who listened to my reasons behind my decis...


Looking for an Ob for Greenslopes

I will only be arriving in QLD at approx 37weeks and will be having a scheduled c section. As I w...

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Perth Obs and hospital?

Hi ladies (gents?) New to this forum so I hope I'm posting in the correct section. We are...

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Hi Mira, I can recommend both Dr Brian Molloy and Dr Colin Blair at St John of God Murdoch. I had Dr Molloy for 8 months and then tr...


Logan public system vs mater public system

Hi all I was told to have no more as I had a premmie and I have had 4 csections however I was sur...

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Friend of mine had her baby at logan few days ago and said it was the worst experience ever.


Would you choose public or private for a caesarean birth?

Hi all, I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and my bub is breech. I am aware he could still turn aro...

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same here I would go private:)


BAC clinic at hospital

Hi all, My MW has told me i will be referred to the BAC clinic at chch womans as i had an emerg...

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i have my appt on the 30th so following this topic too are you going to have a vbac or elective section?


Vaginal Birth v's C section

Hi all, Just wondering about the props and cons of vaginal birth v's C-section? I had a va...

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Hi there, We are due in April also. With my first I had an emergency c-sect due to Foetal distress and failure to progress. Our sec...


Port Macqaurie Hospital

Hi I am wondering if anyone has had any recent experience with a c/section at Port Macquarie Hosp...

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John Hunter Hospital

Hi I am wondering if anyone has had any recent experience with a c/section at JHH? I need to elec...

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Three years after my Emergency Caesarean..

Hi Mums, It's been almost three years since I gave birth to my son. He is our only child cu...

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That's great that your doctor finally listened to you. So pleased that you got an appointment to see someone and get this prob...


Advice about C Section at Nambour Public Hospital?

Hi Mums and Mums to be!, I will be relocating back to the Sunshine Coast after many years as an ...

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Caesarean in public hospital (Nambour General)

Hi mummies! So after a very traumatic birth with my first we have decided to have a caesarean thi...

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Hi! Sorry I won't be any help to you. I ended up having a natural birth with an epidural. If you really are wanting to have a c...


Elective c section frowned upon.

I'm having so many problems trying to get a GP to support me and help my choice of an electi...

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bobbie4n... im just curious, did you get your csection? im in nz and an going elective this time, first was emergency after a very l...


Elective C-Section in NZ do these exist??

Hi, I'm in NZ and desperate for an elective C-Section and my midwife told me NZ does not do these...

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are you going to go private and pay bambi134?


does a caeser affect breastfeeding

has anyone found a caeser affected their breastfeeding?? I have a pacemaker and a medical issue ...

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Thanks ladies. Thats awsome to hear. I loved breastfeeding my first and hope to do the same with this one.