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Throbbing pain in vagina- 35 weeks Rss


im 35 weeks pregnant and have noticed that at night time, i'll wake up with a sharp throbbing pain in my vagina. it only lasts a few seconds, but its definitely there. my baby's head has partially engaged.

has anyone else experienced it and/or know the cause?

i've heard that its sometimes the baby's head pressing on the cervix.
hey there
I have been having something similiar like when i roll over in bed i have to make sure my legs are together or there is this horrible stretching and pain. It is kinda hard to explain lol
would be interested to hear what others have experienced also?
I haven't had pain but definate sensations that are uncomfortable. This is my 2nd preg and I have had burning pain accompanied with pressure in vj (similar to labour when babies head is progressing down). This started about 4 weeks ago. Turns out the baby is low and I had started dialating. Tell your doctor and take it easy you may be dialating.Get doc to do an internal and ask what station you are at and find out if you have started dialating. If this is first pregnancy the baby will engage easier than 2nd. I would have gone into labour by now but I have been taking it easy and baby doesn't engage as easy as first. I'm now at my due date and waiting eagerly. It does sound like you are probably getting pressure on cervix and it radiates down. The joys of pregnancy huh! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and delivery.
could be lots of things...
varicose veins in your vagina
cervix dilating
ligaments stretching
baby's head putting pressure on your cervix
or your pubic bone at the front of the pelvis could be getting stretched open.
or it could just be the 'usual' aches and pains that come with being that big!

ask your doc or midwife if you are worried.
try panadol, heat pacs around front of belly if it is ligament pain, massage, and rest.
good luck! hope it sorts itself out.

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