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New Look Huggies Website!

Dear Forum members, The Huggies website has had a facelift – so take a look at our NEW LOOK site...

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Great! Maybe try updating your browser on the Mini and let us know how you get on! thanks Huggies Moderators


Do you have a baby / pregnancy blog or website? Get our great new Huggies Baby Names widget!

Check out the Huggies Baby Names Widget! You can include it in your own blog or website related t...

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Huggies Support

How to send Private Messages

This is a new process we've introduced, in order to eliminate the number of spammy/unsolicited me...

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Raspberry Sundae

Ok Book Lovers/Readers ......

Do tell

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HH - sci-fi isn't a genre I often bother with but this sounds like one to put on my ever growing list.


So whats new?

I thought I'd start a "whats new" thread! Anyone pregnant? New babies? School aged...

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Yeah really good we have our moments but they are going pretty good ? been pretty busy of late how have you been?


Any Kiwi ladies considered having plastic surgery?

Hi ladies, Just wondering if anyone on here has considered having surgery after having had child...

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a question for those who have had an unexpected pregnancy

I'm being nosey, a recent thread got me curious. What contraception were you using & do...

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I was on noriday (mini pill) and I took it at the same time every night alarm set, and fell pregnant. Due with number 3 in May. My d...

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update thea :)

Have you had your beautiful bubba yet?

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O my god so adorable look how big chooky has gotten. Perfect labour. My tribe is doing good. Glad school is back my little missy m...


Not a fan of the new dry touch layer nappies

I really like the soft and secure side shield nappies with the big stretchy waist and tabs howeve...

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Twisted_Elegance24 wrote: Huggies thankyou for listening and bringing back the big stretchy waist tabs. I love your work! Very happy...


Any Huggies barcode promotion 2012?

I've got a ton of barcodes and wanted to find out if I've already missed this year's promo

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The Barcode promotion is the best by far as everyone's a winner and everyone talks about where they got there great toys from. ...


Getting desperate!

Hi people, I know I've asked this before but im getting really stressed out right now. I nee...

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Try to use some new spices, they can really bring a simple dish to life!


Due in June 2015

Hi all I'm 27 and it's taken me & hubby 2 years to conceive (help of clomid also) ...

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Lottie Bee wrote: YAY!!! Congrats!! smile I hope you're feeling well? Thanks!!! Morning sickness is still lingering. Every fe...

Six Wolves

Looking for Expectant Mothers for Qantas

QANTAS FREQUENT FLYER Looking for expectant mums who are due to give birth (natural or c-section...

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TTC after Tubal ligation reversal

hey everyone, just wanting to start a chat going with others that have or will/want to have tubal...

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Hey I was just reading your story about Tubal Reversal may I ask where you had this procedure done and how much did it cost , and an...


Anyone have news on T?

I know she sometimes comes on to update us. I hope things are going well for her and baby arrived...

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Congratulations T!!