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Suggestions for improvements to Huggies Forum - let us know your ideas!

Hi Guys We are compiling a wish list for improvements to the forum and so far have these issues ...

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Tickled*pink wrote: Mummy to Little Liam wrote: Would be nice to have an option of listing the search results according to date so I...


Mobile Access to Forum should now be working

Hey Guys Thanks for your patience while we fixed some of the technical issues on the mobile site...

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Hey guys, I jus signed up huggies club Welcome to me:) Do u hav an idea how to take pic coz i got msg we can take lotta pic n print ...


Do you have a baby / pregnancy blog or website? Get our great new Huggies Baby Names widget!

Check out the Huggies Baby Names Widget! You can include it in your own blog or website related t...

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Huggies Support

How to send Private Messages

This is a new process we've introduced, in order to eliminate the number of spammy/unsolicited me...

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game- might be a bit tricky? Let's see :P

1. Your 6 year old spills a drink. Do you clean it up or do you make them? 2. Your 16 year old w...

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1. Your 6 year old spills a drink. Do you clean it up or do you make them? Get them to clean it but redo it after anyway 2. Your ...


If anyone's around right now...

I could really do with some cheering up Anyone got something funny to share or something??? Th...

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Noah came out with 'oh shit' today repeatedly because Emmy kept laughing Hope everything is ok & bub has started movi...


Tupperware the name says it all

Any tupperware crazy ladies on here if there are please contact me of you would be interested in ...

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Does anyone know where OCs been? How she's been doing? It's been ages and I miss seein...

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I have been thinking of her too Im hoping all is well


Sucky day!

Well today was fun! NOT!!! Hope everyone else's days going better than mine!

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Hope today was better for you

4 surprises.

what a day.

Yesterday I was getting ready for work and josh came into the bathroom and slipped over and hit h...

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He was better today. Didn't vomit. He ate,played back to normal josh. It's so scary but. Little jellybean was so tiny. Jus...


grocery shopping

It is a pretty poor fortnight and I need to do my fortnight shopping on $200 or less. $200 could ...

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Thanks guys keep them coming


Hitting children - upset parents!

Hi lovely ladies, Just a quick question.. If your child got hit by another child at daycare, and...

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Hi girls, Wonderful, thanks for all your advice. Not my little one, a kid I nanny, but I have all communication with daycare. All i...


awesome idea if I say so myself :D

Morning ladies I was thinking super late last night when I couldn't sleep- you know that&...

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That's a good idea. I'd only be able to use it when on holidays though haha.


Abortion due to hypermesis

Dh just logged out of his emails and I saw this news story on the homepage. Here Obviously we d...

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Hypermesis is traumatising. I can see that the sheer pain, exhaustion and mental fog might have made her do it, feeling there was n...



Just noticed you changed your pic I like it did your kiddies build that? Or did you or find the p...

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TallulahBelle wrote: Oh I've seen your gorgeous cakes not sure if I've replied to the pics (thought it had but it.might ha...

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