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How to send Private Messages

This is a new process we've introduced, in order to eliminate the number of spammy/unsolicited me...

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Pregnant, Stay at home mum, looking for work

I am so frustrated. I have been looking for work for months. My baby is due at the end of Decembe...

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Gumtree sometimes has some casual stuff advertised.


Due in June 2015

Hi all I'm 27 and it's taken me & hubby 2 years to conceive (help of clomid also) ...

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So much babies in June!! Going to be an awesome month! I tell you one thing... I've been such a stress head these past 2 years ...

Little Egg

Star Wars & Thomas presenst for kids

I asked my nephews what they would like for Christmas and the 6 & 8 yr old both want somethin...

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What about pyjamas with these themes, easy to post and something different relating to them as it can be hard to know when buying to...


Not a fan of the new dry touch layer nappies

I really like the soft and secure side shield nappies with the big stretchy waist and tabs howeve...

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Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments in this thread. We'll try to address some of the concerns you have raised. ...


Breast feeding

Hi there. I was just wondering if there's anyone out there who's husband doesn't ...

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Thank you. Will check out the breast feeding guide on here. I have been having non alcoholic beer and some with less than half a p...


School Uniforms

I got the order form for Bella's school uniforms for kindergarten next year but i have to have it...

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Every school has different uniforms in different color with school logo.Prices of uniforms are increasing day by day that's why...


Help please - Lost comfort blankie

Hi everyone, My little girl aged 2 has lost her beloved blankie, I bought it from best & le...

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Thanks! I'm so annoyed at myself that I didn't buy more than 1, she is my 3rd so you would think I would know better :-/ I...


8 year old son hates me and wants to love with dad

Hey all. Would love some advice. My dd who is 3.5 yrs calls my dp dad as he's been in her ...

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HELP - everyone please read!!! In New Zealand and searching for some particular items

Hi everyone.. This is probably not going to be the most upbeat message you will read but I'm...

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So very sorry for your loss. I can see the page in Facebook. Unfortunately I can't help you with any of the items.


mum and baby gift packs!!

Hi everyone! 8wks ago i had my lovely baby boy. I was greatful to recieve so many gifts from peop...

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Hi all, We're running Cert II in Business out of Kwinana from Oct 30th and will be offering...

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makeup in hospital

Is it just me, or is anyone else kind of planning what makeup they (probably in vain, lol pun) ar...

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I was ment to be induced so on the Tuesday b4 I was ment to go in I had put on a bit of tan as Irish skin is so pale and so glad I d...


Mid North Coast

Hi, just saw this. I'm about 45 mins from Coffs!

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Hi! Where abouts are you from?

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