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curly hair nightmare

Hi my 4 year old has awesome curly hair but it's a nightmare to detangle! Any1 any tips?

2 replies

my 6 yr old has curly hair. We cant go without using a detangling spray. It makes it so much easier. Also tying it up or plaiting it...


Anyone have spare Bugaboo cup holder clips?

I've lost my cup holder clip for my bugaboo bee (clip #4) and need a replacement. I have per...

15 replies

Thank you


Steelcraft Agile or City Mini reviews?

Hiya Peoples, I hate my pram and Bub hates it even more than I do so I am looking at getting one ...

4 replies

I can't comment on the two you are considering but I also have a mountain buggy swift and loved it.


Hit me with your travel tips

Travelling overseas in January with dd, hubby and another couple. Going to japan. I want lots of ...

2 replies

Done a fair bit of traveling in my time so here goes... - do I take a pram or buy one there? We have a flight, a few buses to catch...


How do all you mums do it?

Just wondering what other mums daily routines are? Between caring for a toddler and everything el...

2 replies

I'll start by saying our house is in no way pristine, it's lived in and mainly halfway tidy, the kids toys are in baskets,...


Do you know any mums due late Sept- early Oct? In Brisbane.

I have posted this in the 'month due' section, I am just trying to spread the word H...

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Nurse nellie...

I'm just about to start 'The Rose Petal Beach'

32 replies

Me going a bit slow. Have had a lot on this weekend and this week so I might be a while at the rate I am going. Also finding a bit...

Pinkie Pie

Foxglove/Coastie Girl

I'm concerned that you have left today. I hope you and bub are okay xx

18 replies

Aww congrates foxglove.


ello ello ello

Hey thought I sould drop in and say hi again anything new I should be informed with eg pregnanc...

14 replies

Yeah just the book isnt amazing they talk up their age when they young then it starts them talking it down when they get older Gl...



DS has been telling me all about the 'funny' things people at kindy say. The popular on...

2 replies

Lol! That would be so hard to keep a straight face! DS called me stinkface the other day


paying the babysitter!

Hi all, Just wondering what you think is an acceptable rate to pay a teenage babysitter? I have...

8 replies

When asleep thats probably pretty fair anyway. But I definitely think kid(s) awake and needing food/baths and changing deserve more ...


Mum with a dream

So, since having my baby in February, I have had this really strong desire to make something of m...

2 replies

Thank you so much, and coming from a nurse I am glad If it makes sense, people telling me I cant/shouldn't do it has actually ...


Am now reading Fractured - Dawn Barker!

I'm 30% in but wow I read all that in 2 days. It's a hard book to put down. I found the...

3 replies

+1 to RS as well But I remember thinking the same as you Steph re milk in the fridge

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