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New Look Huggies Website!

Dear Forum members, The Huggies website has had a facelift – so take a look at our NEW LOOK site...

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Do you have a baby / pregnancy blog or website? Get our great new Huggies Baby Names widget!

Check out the Huggies Baby Names Widget! You can include it in your own blog or website related t...

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How to send Private Messages

This is a new process we've introduced, in order to eliminate the number of spammy/unsolicited me...

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Game :D - Tell a lie

I got this off a forum DH frequents The rules are simple; you must list five statements about y...

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OMG you still have this game going!! Fantastic work haha


how full is your LO wardrobe ?

Am I the only crazy mother whos ds has 30 jumpers and 20 pairs of pants ?! I could not do washing...

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omg i had gotten way too many clothes and toys off my family members. they were really exited..she had about 200 singlets...didnt ev...


Due in June 2015

Hi all I'm 27 and it's taken me & hubby 2 years to conceive (help of clomid also) ...

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Thanks New2MumsieWorld Have you booked your 12 weeks scan? Are you still having bad headachaes? I had the same problem in the past ...


episiotomy, internal tearing

Has anyone suffered a high internal vaginal tear giving birth, and been able to have a second bab...

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Anyone taking/taken PAROXITINE 20MG???

As above ^^^^^^ What are your experiances? Thanks

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what happened

Its been a long time since ive been on here but its dead here. What happened and where did everyo...

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Thanks supermummy.


Am I over reacting? My parents aeem irresponsible with dd

I've been struggling for years to get my parents to listen to me or treat me like an adult. ...

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I agree with everyone else, try and find someone else to babysit. If your parents keep threatening to refuse to babysit, it sounds l...


Hair extensions

I am looking at getting hair extensions for my wedding. I have been looking at ebay and its all g...

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This is a very old topic. If you want get another hair extensions, you can scan

Raspberry Sundae


This link is about a man who has invented a font to help people with dyslexia to read. There is ...

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Wow! That's awesome! I think I'll put my BILL onto it as he's dyslexic. See if it makes a difference for him.


Anyone have a Forehead Thermometer??

Just wondering if anyone has a forehead thermometer and what they think of them??? I'm so over m...

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Try this non contact forehead thermometer, this will give you an accurate result, very handy and this can be also a best gift to you...

Need a basic santa or Christmas tree pic for kids to colour

Anyone know of a good website to download pics for kids to colour/glitter/decorate. Just after a...

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Yes, I have downloaded the coloring pages of Christmas for my LO. As Christmas is a head so i have planed out it before. Here is the...



Hi ladies , i was given a script for duromine 40mg i have been on the 30mg like maybe 2 years a...

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I was on Duromine I was on 30 mg and lost 10kgs, but it all depends oN the person, best way to loose weight on Duromine is, low carb...