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How to send Private Messages

This is a new process we've introduced, in order to eliminate the number of spammy/unsolicited me...

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Baby gender - has you scan ever been wrong?

Had our twenty week scan a few weeks ago. Was told I was having a girl. She could see three white...

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I know someone who was told a boy and out popped Katie!!! They had done the same thing by prepping for the sex they were told. When ...


Little girls hair

Hi all, does anyone have a little girl who simply wont let mummy put her hair up with a hair tie?...

17 replies

Hi mums! I've written an article on my blog with suggestions to stop baby yanking out her baby hair clips and baby bows! I hope...


Hair clips for little babies.... ie newborns

My cousin just had a baby on Monday morning. I want to make a little hair clip for the baby but ...

4 replies

Hi! I've written an article on how to stop your baby girl from pulling out her baby bows and hair clips! You can read it on my ...

Little Egg

Tips for freezing bulk meat

Hit me with your freezing bulk meat tips. First experience last night - bought bulk load of barga...

4 replies

separate into portion sizes you want (I do 500gm for 2 adults and a fussy 12yr old) put in frz bags, squeeze air out (or vacuum it o...


My slow cooker broke!!

I used it last night and went to use it again this morning. I was grumpy 'cause DH didn'...

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I don't know if it's possible to buy just the bowl, but I'd imagine it's not that much difference in price than ...


Safari costumes

8yo DS has Safari day coming up in 2 weeks and he has to wear a costume of a safari animal - they...

3 replies

Go for a tiger costume. All you need to do is to get an orange jumpsuit and then add several stripes on it. For his face, just try d...


Halloween Costume

Hi All, My son's daycare is having a halloween party and wants the kids to get involved. Any p...

6 replies

Usually, I go to to get some ideas but in cases where I don't have the luxury of time, I just buy...


Bit late but I've finished 'Fractured'

Finished a few days ago but do has been a pain the last few nights so haven't been online. A...

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Bumping due to spam


Hit me with your travel tips

Travelling overseas in January with dd, hubby and another couple. Going to japan. I want lots of ...

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Hey snow pants are bib and brace style (like overalls) so she'll be OK. She'll be too young to ski so we'll probably...


Due in October 2014

Hi everyone! I am due 11th October 2014 (3 weeks to go!) but I don't have any mummy friends...

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Where to buy baby record book NZ?

Hi all, Just wondering if anyone could recommend somewhere to buy a Baby Record Book of the firs...

3 replies

Got mine at whitcouls


Steelcraft Agile or City Mini reviews?

Hiya Peoples, I hate my pram and Bub hates it even more than I do so I am looking at getting one ...

6 replies

I have a swift too, love it. Very rarely walk on pave footpath as I like hiking and its great for that


curly hair nightmare

Hi my 4 year old has awesome curly hair but it's a nightmare to detangle! Any1 any tips?

4 replies

Satin pillow case what a great idea, cheers!

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