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Lorazepam 1mg

Has anyone or is anyone taking it? How do you find it? Positives and negatives?

3 replies

Yeah that same dosage. Mostly I did but there were days were I wouldn't have even thought about it. I found I was mostly okay ...



We had our 3rd baby 6weeks ago. I am looking into contraception. I have am not really wanting to ...

6 replies

That doesn't sound pleasant at all...I will probably just stay with the pill for a little longer


Due in June 2015

Hi all I'm 27 and it's taken me & hubby 2 years to conceive (help of clomid also) ...

81 replies

Hi mellissa, I've also sent you a friend request for an add to the group (Loren)


birthday present for 3 year old boy?

budget is $10 I was thinking of getting a bubble gun and mixture.

4 replies

Thank you for the tips. I realised a bubble machine needed batteries which would cost more the the present. So I got a a puzzle.


Home carer/Family daycare as a career?

Have you done or are doing this as a job? Can you give me any advice about this as a career? I&...

2 replies

Thanks 4 the bump mods. Update for me is the company are going to visit me next week. If its a goer I will have to put up gates but...

jewellery rubbing off black on my skin Update

i have a pandora bracelet (its gold with mostly gold pieces but i do have a few two tone ones as ...

22 replies

This may be due to some allergy due to due metal of the jewellery. My wife was allergic to gold when see was pregnant, so I got her ...


How comfortable are you with leaving your baby/kids?

How comfortable is everyone with leaving your bubs/kids with onsite childcare staff when you'...

14 replies

For me, I really am uneasy whenever I go out to an appointment and leave my little one with a childcare staff.The tension does not s...


stay at home mummys

hello, I was just wondering what all you mummys do when your little one is still at home? apart f...

14 replies

I'm sewing, doing embroidery and other stitching activities when I'm left home with my dd. Also it gives me time to experi...


how full is your LO wardrobe ?

Am I the only crazy mother whos ds has 30 jumpers and 20 pairs of pants ?! I could not do washing...

11 replies

Your not alone girl... I've had the same craze over my baby wardrobe... well its best to have plenty than to come short handed....


pregnancy and family photography

Hi everyone, I am getting back into photography, I have done some photography previously but noth...

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Meeting other mums and play dates

Hi, I'm a mother of a 3 1/2 yr old and a 6 week old. Would really like to meet some other mu...

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Does anyone sponsor a child (World Vision)

Hello everyone Just wondering if anyone else Sponsors a child overseas through World Vision??

21 replies



What colour is your nursery furniture?

Hello, Just wondering what colour your nursery furniture is? I can't decide between white or dar...

20 replies

I wasn't a fan of either the white or the walnut. I think the walnut reminds me too much of my grandma's home when I was y...

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