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How to send Private Messages

This is a new process we've introduced, in order to eliminate the number of spammy/unsolicited me...

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My slow cooker broke!!

I used it last night and went to use it again this morning. I was grumpy 'cause DH didn'...

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My husband broke the glass lid on ours last night.... Glass everywhere! Chipped a tile on our kitchen floor too I doubt if I can j...


Bit late but I've finished 'Fractured'

Finished a few days ago but do has been a pain the last few nights so haven't been online. A...

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Bumping due to spam


what to buy a 5 year old boy

Being in prep this year has meant of course we are getting bday invites. we have a bday tomorrow ...

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What about such a cool creative and soo cute mug? I guess, a 5-year-old will be very pleased with such a gift. I got a similar one f...


Hit me with your travel tips

Travelling overseas in January with dd, hubby and another couple. Going to japan. I want lots of ...

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Hey snow pants are bib and brace style (like overalls) so she'll be OK. She'll be too young to ski so we'll probably...


Due in October 2014

Hi everyone! I am due 11th October 2014 (3 weeks to go!) but I don't have any mummy friends...

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Where to buy baby record book NZ?

Hi all, Just wondering if anyone could recommend somewhere to buy a Baby Record Book of the firs...

3 replies

Got mine at whitcouls


Steelcraft Agile or City Mini reviews?

Hiya Peoples, I hate my pram and Bub hates it even more than I do so I am looking at getting one ...

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I have a swift too, love it. Very rarely walk on pave footpath as I like hiking and its great for that


Stuffed toys

Just wondering what on earth to do with them. My son is only 12 weeks old & he already has more...

14 replies

They are your child's nice memory and are evidence of his/her growth. Maybe just store them.


curly hair nightmare

Hi my 4 year old has awesome curly hair but it's a nightmare to detangle! Any1 any tips?

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Satin pillow case what a great idea, cheers!


Cost of Crimsafe

Hi! We live in Canberra and are looking at installing Crimsafe windows and doors. We have a nor...

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How do all you mums do it?

Just wondering what other mums daily routines are? Between caring for a toddler and everything el...

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QLD school holidays = Switch Bricks is on again.

Last day of school here in Qld for the term today so time to put up my usual announcement about S...

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Anyone have spare Bugaboo cup holder clips?

I've lost my cup holder clip for my bugaboo bee (clip #4) and need a replacement. I have per...

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Thank you

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