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Sharing Personal Details

Hi there, Just a reminder when sharing personal information, that the Huggies Forum is a means ...

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northern suburbs mums

Hi I'm 23yo mum looking to make some new friends who are mums or soon to be mums in northern...

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Hi I have a daughter who's 2 yrs 8 months and a 4.5 month old son. I am just moving to Blakeview. My daughter is very active. I...


Anyone looking to socialise and meet mothers in Blakeview

I am a 29 yr old mother of two a 2yr and 8 month old daughter and 4.5 month old son. I'm abo...

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looking to meet other mums from south adelaide

Hey i am a new mum with a 12 week.old little girl and im Looking to meet other mums to catch up ...

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I hv a 2.5months little baby girl too.


Mount Gambier mums

Hi, I am just wondering if there's any mums from Mount Gambier on here? We are in the proces...

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Looking for other mums in adelaide western suburbs

Hi everyone . I'm sheyna I am 24 and a mother of two beautiful children Eli 3.5 and Estelle...

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Young mums western or close to central Adelaide?

Hi everyone! I'm Ida and I live in Semaphore south with my boy who is 15 months old. We move...

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Hey ida ... my name is sheyna I just turned 24 and I am a mother to Eli 3.5 years and Estelle 10 months ... I too lo e in semaphore ...


Looking for a egg donor angel

We are a loving couple with fertility problems. We are looking for a egg donor located in Adelaid...

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Nuchal reading high

Hi all, I am 14 weeks pregnant with twins and found out on Friday that my screening test for Down...

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I payed for a verify blood test, it's brand new technology and has no risk to the baby. It's a simple blood test from the ...


Anyone from around Murray Bridge (strathalbyn, meadows, mt barker) need your advice

Hi, I have just moved down to Murray Bridge with my fiancé and two toddlers and I've starte...

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What schools are you looking at?


Looking for mummy friends in Mount Gambier, S.A

Hi I had my baby boy 9 months ago and I would like to get to know and be friends with other mothe...

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Para Hills East Primary School

I am trying to track down and renew old friendsgips with my old classmates who joined Para Hills ...

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Hi Verity! I remember you, we were in the same class together. I remember the incident you had when you had hurt yourself and were ...


Mothers Groups in Northern Suburbs Adelaide

Hi! I was wondering if anyone could give me some info on Mothers Groups available in Northern Sub...

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Go to You will find mothers/play groups on there


Babysitter Strathalbyn SA.

Im a 16 year old who is availible mon-sun any times to babysit children. I have experience in loo...

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Hi Bianca Am looking for babysitter 8am to either 4pm or 5pm tomorrow. R u avail? Tel Megan 0418830434. Thx


Baby massage Adelaide

Hi I am just starting up my baby massage business and I am booking in some courses in suburbs aro...

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