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Sharing Personal Details

Hi there, Just a reminder when sharing personal information, that the Huggies Forum is a means ...

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looking to meet other mums from south adelaide

Hey i am a new mum with a 12 week.old little girl and im Looking to meet other mums to catch up ...

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My husband and I are looking for a Surrogate to carry a baby for us. We have been together for 15...

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im a new mum looking to meet other mums from south adelaide

Hey im becki i am 23 a new mum to a 12 week old little girl i live in hallett cove and iam lookin...

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hi everyone, i just wanted to start a forum with mums in sth adelaide, there are alot of friendly...

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Hey im 23 a new mum to a 12 week old lil girl n i live in hallett cov3 n im lookin to meet/ catch up n be come friends with other m...


North East Community Hospital Reviews

Has anyone on here had their babies at North East Community Hospital at Campbelltown in South Aus...

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I have had both my Girls and will be having my 3rd in 3 weeks with Anna Bof @ North Eastern. Could not recommend it and her enough!!...


young mums

Hi all My name is Imogen and I'm 21 years old, living in the northern suburbs. I'v...

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Imostrom wrote: What suburb are you in? I'm in semaphore but wouldn't mind meeting halfway! smile Hi! Yes I would definit...


Young mums western or close to central Adelaide?

Hi everyone! I'm Ida and I live in Semaphore south with my boy who is 15 months old. We move...

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Adelaide MSN Group~ Come and join us!

Just extending an invitation to the Adelaide Mums out there to come and join us at Young Mums Fro...

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Please add me


Starting a mothers group in northern suburbs Adelaide

Hello, Im thinking of starting a mothers group in the northern suburbs. Ive got no friends with b...

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Hiya, so we are all keep on saying we want to catch up, let's do this and get out little babies on play dates what day suits e...


any new mums want to join mothers group in north/north east adelaide.

hi ladies, just wondering if anyone would be interested in joining a mothers group i am forming, ...

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Hi all! It's driving me crazy that I can't seem to find any younger mothers! I'm 22 years old and I've got a be...


Rob Jones - Flinders Private

Hi there, Trying to find a good OB - thinking either Flinders Private or BurnsideZ Has anyone ha...

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hi iv'e had Elinor Atkinson from flinders private, she is fantastic.


SA Foster carer

Hi I have recently been throught he process of becoming a foster carer in SA, last week I reciev...

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Hi I have no experience of this. but are interested. I'm in Adelaide also. if you dont' mind me asking a couple of questi...


Play group

Hi I'm a mother of two (5yrs and 3yrs) living in Palmerston. I have lived here for just ove...

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Mothers meet ups

Hi guys I'm jade I'm 22 and my son Nate is 16 month, we have just moved to adelaide, an...

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Our bodies are amazing for growing a human being tho and im sure its all worth it when there born where did u guys move from iv got ...

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