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Changing ECE Use In Christchurch

If you are interested in participating in research for an article about changing Early Childhood ...

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Sharing Personal Details

Hi there, Just a reminder when sharing personal information, that the Huggies Forum is a means ...

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<a href=""><img src="" width="200" height="80" border="0" alt="Lilypi...


Ear pinning / Otoplasty

Hi, Anyone out there who has had their child's ears pinned? Can you recommend a surgeon? ...

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wanting to meet new friends in the christchurch area :)

hi..! my names ash im just wanting to meet some new friends with kids I'm 25 have 3 babies ...

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I just added you, im amy gary grantham


Any first time to be mums?

Hi there, Recently found out im pregnant and would love to chat with other mums to be so i dont...

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Hi everyone congratulations on all our exciting news. Im the last one of my siblings to start having babies and am a proud aunty of ...


Egg Donor Angel needed x

We are a loving couple of 16 years in our mid 30's who have tried almost everything for the ...

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Hi Ange Thank you so much for your reply, we have had a fairly good response which is great however we don't know at this stag...


New mummas

Hey Hey. I'm a first time mum (well pregnant at the moment and due in July) Just wondering ...

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never mind, I'm in whangarei so a little way out lol



Hi, I am six weeks along and looking for a good midwife in Lincoln. I have made an appointment wi...

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Hope you ended up staying with Vanessa her and Miriam are awesome


Dad groups

Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone knows of any dad groups around in christchurch area? Where ...

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We are in Burwood. DH is 32 and I am 28. How old are you and DH?


New to Christchurch

I have recently moved to the Parklands/New Brighton area and would like to meet some mums and som...

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Hey hun sorry late reply, didn't have notifications on still keen to catch up if you are email me look...


Holiday hire?

I'm coming to Christchurch for a holiday next July ( ages I know but I have to be organised!...

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Oh & you might find it helpful to take a stroller with you. Check with the airline you fly with but more often than not, you can...


Looking for other mums like you!?!? Bored being at home.... Want some adult company?

Hi, There is a Huggies CHCH Mums group we are all part of on FB. We love hanging out, for coffee ...

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Hi Charlotte What is the FB link to the chch mums group couldn't find it on FB. Thanks Emma


Mum new to Christchurch

Hi my name is Nicola and I have recently moved to Christchurch with my partner and 6month old dau...

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Hi Nicola, Im 23 with a 4 month old boy in christchurch. How are you enjoying living here? Feel free to add me on facebook (Analesha...


Hazel Voice

I have been recommended Hazel Voice as a LMC but the number I have (03 359 9862) is now not in us...

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Pregnancy Yoga or Fitness classes

Hi ladies, Can anyone recommend any great pregnancy yoga or fitness classes in Christchurch?

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