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Sharing Personal Details

Hi there, Just a reminder when sharing personal information, that the Huggies Forum is a means ...

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Mums in Upper Hutt??

I have a 7 month old boy and recently moved to Upper Hutt (Silverstream) from Australia. I am kee...

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We're definitely keen, feel free to message me as well Star-Mumm@ and we can sort something out for sure


Moving to Lower Hutt - Help with Schools and Daycare

Hi We are moving to Lower Hutt and know absolutely nothing about the area. Please Help! We hav...

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It's been so quiet around here guys! What's new with everyone?

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That all sounds interesting/funny/fun all in one Zinkles - I take my hat off to anyone who has more then 1 child lol. Even though th...


Newborn photos

Can anyone recommend a newborn photographer? and one that is not so expensive...

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Brainwave Trust Talk in Wellington

Hi there, I'm organising a talk by the Brainwave Trust about early brai...

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Stokes Valley Mums keen for play date?

Hi everyone, I recently moved to Stokes Valley with my husband and 2 daughters, 3years and 8month...

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Hi Alunandshannonmaich. I have a 10 month old daughter and we live in Upper Hutt, not too far from Stokes Valley. I was in your posi...


weekend Baby Groups

Hi, I've just returned to work and have a 5 month old son. While i was off, we did alot of b...

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Where abouts in Wellington are you based Springtides?


Pregnancy exercise in Welly?

Hi all! I'm Mum to one 6yo at HVS and am pregnant, due in October and I'm really really...

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Wainuiomata Coffee Group

Coffee group for mum's and mum's to be, based in Wainuiomata. Here's the link to ...

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Lonely professional mum

Hi all. I have been in Wellington for just over 2yrs. Being a fulltime single parent and working...

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Cute picture of you both. Does your daughter go to daycare or a carer? I can imagine it must be hard to meet people. We are free dur...


totara park mummies???

hi, i live in totara park, upper hutt with Kadin who is 6 months old now!! wow time flies!! Anywa...

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Awesome! See you then. Hopefully I spot the right person haha.


Keen to meet other mummas!

Heya! I have a 5 week old son and I am pretty keen to start getting out and meeting some other ne...

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Anytime! Good luck


Wellington Mums! :)

Hi guys! I thought that I'd try my luck and post on here.. I'm 22 years old and 14+1...

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Followed you back and sent you a message!

Blue Skye's

1st Time Mum-to-be needs to socialise more in Wellington

I need to meet new people... And I feel like I'm posting an online dating service. In away I...

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Hi there Blue Skyes. You're definitely not alone hun! I'm 38 too, and have just found out I'm pregnant, and am expect...