When you buy Huggies Nappies you buy peace of mind that you are not only buying Australia’s most popular disposable nappy, but also one which is clinically proven to help avoid nappy rash. Your baby will stay cleaner and drier for longer as a result of our unique 3 layer design, including a surge layer and soft liner. Make sure your baby stays dry and happy all day long.


Active babies would much rather be exploring their world than having their nappy changed. That’s why there’s Huggies Nappy-Pants – a special kind of nappy, designed to keep up with even the most active of babies. They have all the absorbency of a Huggies Nappy, so you can use both day and night, and they slip on easily like pants for easy, struggle-free nappy changes. So now you can change you active baby in any position even standing up. They are available in Toddler (10-15kg), Walker (14-18kg) and Junior (16kg+) sizes, for boys and girls.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are essential for nappy changes, whether at home or on the go. Huggies Baby Wipes are specially designed with a unique thick and soft texture which gets more off with less wipes, to leave baby’s skin cleaner and healthier. Huggies Baby Wipes are also alcohol and soap free for a gentle clean. Our baby wipes are available in three different varieties, Fragrance Free, Lightly Fragranced Cucumber & Aloe Vera and Lightly Fragranced Shea Butter and come in handy travel packs, convenient Pop-Up tubs and large refill packs.


Making the transition from baby to big kid is an important stage in your child’s development and Pull-Ups can help. Pull-Ups toilet training pants feature the ‘Feel Wet to Learn’ Wetness Liner designed to help your child learn the difference between wet from dry by allowing them to feel the wetness momentarily before drawing the moisture away. Ultra thin, with soft stretchy sides and popular Disney characters, Pull-Ups are just like underpants for learners.

Little Swimmers

Specially designed swim nappies are a must for trips to your local pool, the beach and for holidays. Avoid the embarrassment of little accidents turning up in the water and enjoy peace of mind whilst swimming with your baby. Swim nappies are a condition of entry in many public pools and aquatic centers. Little Swimmers are available in 3 sizes for boys and girls from 6 – 36 months old


Bedwetting is not uncommon; it affects thousands of Australian kids. DryNites Pyjama Pants are useful helping manage bedwetting. They look and feel like regular underwear and come in 3 sizes for boys and girls, 13-20 kg, 17-30kg and 27-57kg plus. Kids often become dry in their own time; in the meantime, DryNites can help. To get even more information about bedwetting see the DryNites website –

Change Mats

Soft and feather-light with a waterproof backing, Huggies Change Mats are a must-have for busy, active and social mums and bubs, so don’t leave the house without them. They reduce the risk of your baby picking up germs from unhygienic places, plus no smelly mats to carry round! When they get dirty, just throw in the rubbish bin.

New Baby Gift Pack

Looking for the perfect gift for a baby shower or birth? Huggies has put together the perfect gift pack which includes all the Huggies Products a new mum will need, plus a nappy wallet exclusively designed for Huggies.

Baby stores

Huggies nappies and baby care products are available throughout Australia, both online and at your local supermarket, pharmacy or convenience store. Buying nappies in bulk from an online retailer can be easier and cheaper if you have the storage space available. Find out more about which online retailers sell Huggies products online.

The environment

Huggies are continually researching and improving to not only provide parents with the best possible products for baby, but also to try and minimize the impact of these products on the environment. As a result Huggies uses renewable fibers in their nappies and has over the last 10 years reduced the bulkiness of nappies without compromising absorbency by over 50%. Find out more about Huggies and the environment.


Answer: Hi, This is very, very normal and age appropriate. He's doing it a little early though, generally at around 7 months of age the developmental stage...

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