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Biggest morning tea

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea will held this year on 27th of May to raise funds for the Cancer Council. This money is used on research into the causes of cancer and into new and improved treatments. It’s also used on education and prevention programs, and support services for cancer patients and their families. The funds you raise really do make a difference: more than half of all cancers can now be successfully treated. Yet there is much more to be done.

Here’s a look at what we did to take part in last years event at a local level. With a little bit of effort from the team, or at least some of us with cooking skills, we whipped up a morning tea feast for our guests. The Huggies team invited our co-workers from around the Kimberly-Clark company to join us for a “cuppa and a chat”.

Just by having this cup of tea together we realized that most of our lives have been touched in some way by cancer, whether it is through a family member or a friend. The generous donations were an indication of how important that we each felt this event was.

We’re just one small part in a much bigger picture, but we can see that we make a difference; we encourage you to do the same.

How you can be involved!

We’re making registering as a host as simple as possible for you for the 2010 event. All you need to do is organize a group of friends to get together over a coffee and a chat and you’ll be helping the cancer council reach its goals.

In fact it’s a great opportunity to finally get together with the mums that you exchange pleasantries with at the park or playgroup, or the mums that you chat to on Parents Exchange, or of course your dearest of friends. You could organise your morning tea at home, work, pre-school, playgroup or even the park, ask your guests and friends to make a donation for drinks or food. It’s that easy!

Registering for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

Registering is easy. Once you’re registered as a host you will be sent your host pack to ensure that you have everything you need.

We will let you know when you can register online for the 2010 event. To make the Huggies Mums dollars count towards the Huggies total just ensure that you select “Huggies Baby Club” in the drop down menu titled “Where did you find out about this event”.

Register OnLine soon

For more information go to the Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea website.