The Healing Power of Hugs

This November $1 from every Huggies® Nappies Bulk pack sold will help sick babies and toddlers *up to $150,000

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The Healing Power of Hugs

Hugs have the power to heal.

"…hugs can reduce stress, increase oxytocin which makes us feel more relaxed and happy, can reduce blood pressure, reduce our heart rates and increase immunity. These are all things that are fundamentally important for kids in hospital."

Janet Burke, Head of Child Life Therapy at Sydney Children’s Hospital

This November, Through the Hugs for Healing partnership with Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia, Huggies is asking Australians to join them in passing on their healing hug to sick babies and toddlers in Children’s Hospitals around Australia. We’ve partnered with CHFA to spread the word about the healing power of hugs and raise funds for medical equipment for sick babies and toddlers.

What is CHFA?

The Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia is the national fundraising partnership of Australia’s five major children's hospital foundations. Over 1.65 million treatments are provided for sick and injured children by the five children’s hospitals each year.

What Are We Doing?

During November, we will pass on the power of a healing hug by donating $1 from every Huggies® Nappies Bulk pack sold. Up to $150,000 will go to CHFA. These funds will go towards high priority pieces of medical equipment, specifically for sick babies and toddlers.

How Can You Help?

By simply choosing to purchase Huggies® Nappies Bulk packs in November, you’re helping to fund medical equipment that will save lives.

This is the third consecutive year Huggies® have partnered with CHFA. In 2015, we created a compelling video series, sharing the stories of the kids we are helping. Watch the Hugs for Healing video at the top of the page.