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Channel Ten's Carrie Bickmore joins forces with Huggies® to support Children's Hospitals

The Huggies® Brand has teamed up with TV host and mum, Carrie Bickmore to raise awareness and support for Children's Hospital's, the national fundraising partnership of the five major national children's hospital foundations. Over 1.65m treatments are provided for sick and injured children by the five hospitals each year.

The Huggies® Hugs for Healing initiative has been inspired through medical research which shows that hugs have a healing effect. Hugging has been proven to release serotonin and dopamine – the hormones that make babies and children feel good and improve their wellbeing. On top of this, hugs increase the levels of oxytocin, a trigger for bonding and caring responses that makes sick children feel calm and less anxious.

In 2014 through the Hugs for Healing initiative, Huggies® will pass on the power of a healing hug by matching consumer donations to Children's Hospitals up to a total of $100,000.

Thrilled to be a part of such an important initiative, Carrie Bickmore said: "As a mum, I know how important a hug can be, not just helping children feel loved and comforted, but actually having healing benefits too. I'm very proud to be supporting the Huggies® Hugs for Healing initiative which will help to positively impact the lives of so many children throughout Australia by helping to fund vital medical equipment. I hope mums and families across the country will join Huggies® and me to support Children's Hospitals and the great work they do every day in our communities".