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Through funds raised and donated by corporate enterprises and the community for Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia, over the next two years, CHFA will be helping Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation raise over $15 million dollars to complete a much needed new Clinical Services Hospital wing.

Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick admits around 18,000 children per year, treats 37,000 patients through their Emergency Department, and touches the lives of more than 313,000 patients from across NSW and beyond through outreach and outpatient services. It is just one of the Children’s Hospitals across Australia that we help by providing funding for essential services, equipment and research techniques.

This new wing at Sydney Children’s Hospital will house a purpose-built child and adolescent mental health unit, a specialised brain injury rehabilitation unit, and will provide state- of-the-art facilities to efficiently treat their young patients Inside the new wing you will find:

  • An 8- bed Child and Adolescent Mental Health unit
  • A comprehensive Rehabilitation Unit for Brain Injury patients
  • A 28-bed Surgical ward
  • A Family Centre for parents and carers to get a little respite.
  • A Lung Function Testing Facility for infants – one of the first in NSW.
  • A Child Protection unit
  • A shared Therapies unit

One bed alone for a child for either the Surgical Ward or the Child and Adolescent Mental Health unit costs $5,000.

Please click here to see a snapshot of how the new building at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick is coming along since work began in late 2011.