How Hugs Help Healing

Huggies® has long understood the caring and healing benefits of hugging. Giving a hug is more than a comforting gesture for sick babies and toddlers – research proves that hugs have a healing effect too. Hugging releases serotonin and dopamine, the hormones that make babies and children feel good and improve their wellbeing. On top of this, hugs increase the levels of oxytocin, a trigger for bonding and caring responses that makes sick babies and toddlers feel calm and less anxious.

This year through the Hugs for Healing initiative, Huggies® will pass on the power of a healing hug by donating $1 for every hug we receive to Children’s Hospitals up to a total of $140,000.


Huggies® donation will help to fund vital pieces of high priority medical equipment specifically targeted at sick babies and toddlers including a BabyTherm Infant Warming system for QLD, Neonatal Hearing Screening Units in SA, and a Giraffe Warmer in WA to name a few. Read more about what Huggies® is helping to fund here.