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What Is Hugs For Healing

2016 marks the fourth year of Huggies® Hugs for Healing, a partnership with Children's Hospital Foundations Australia who are the national fundraising partnership of five of Australia's most well-known children's hospital foundations.

The Hugs for Healing initiative aims to deliver support and care for the five children's hospitals by raising awareness and much needed funding for high priority equipment. Over 100 sick and injured children are treated on average in each of these five hospitals daily, with over 1.65 million occasions of care provided for sick and injured children by the five hospitals each year.

Huggies® has long understood the caring and healing benefits of hugging. Giving a hug is more than a comforting gesture for sick babies and toddlers - research proves that hugs have a healing effect too. In 2016 we will pass on the power of a healing hug by donating $1 for every hug we receive to Children’s Hospitals up to the total of $140,000. The donation from the Huggies® Brand will help to fund high priority pieces of medical equipment, specifically targeted at sick babies and toddlers, which will be used in all areas of the hospital. Such as:

For The Royal Children's Hospital in QLD, a BabyTherm Infant Warming system. This piece of equipment helps to regulate the temperature of seriously ill babies.


For the Princess Margaret Hospital in WA, a Giraffe Warmer, used to create a more direct and efficient heat source for temperature control of sick and small neonates, rather than through the use of an incubator. This Warmer is used for 75% of all sick or small babies admitted into the neonatal intensive care unit.


For The Royal Children's Hospital in VIC, a GlideScope Video Laryngoscope for the Newborn ICU. This device is used for intubation, a life-saving procedure which can be a complicated task in small children and infants. A video laryngoscope is specifically designed to allow images of the patient's airway to be seen on a television screen, making the process of difficult intubations easier.


For the Sydney Children's Hospital in NSW 6 Masimo Radical 7 Oximeters. These systems are used in the short stay ward, and allow for blood constituents to be continuously monitored in a non-invasive way.


For the Women's & Children's Hospital in SA Neonatal Hearing Screening Units. 10% of all hearing losses in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit are the result of a condition called auditory neuropathy, so this piece of equipment screens for this condition.

Read here about what Huggies® donated to Children's Hospitals in 2013.

Funds raised through your consumer donations will help to provide further essential support and care to help heal sick babies & toddler. Find out here what a donation as little as $5 could help to purchase and see how you can show your support to help heal sick babies and toddlers throughout Australia.