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Red nose day

Huggies, Supporting Red Nose Day

What is Red Nose day all about?

Since 1979, SIDS and Kids has been largely responsible for a 85% reduction in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in Australia. As research continues into the causes, SIDS and Kids embraces this achievement and is working towards the same success in reducing perinatal mortality rates.

In addition to health promotion and research programs, SIDS and Kids provides bereavement services and resources to families who suffer the sudden death of a child from any unexpected cause including neonatal complications, drowning, fire, motor vehicle accidents, fast onset illness, SIDS or stillbirth. Each month over 200 Australian children are stillborn or die suddenly and unexpectedly, and for each death more than 60 people are affected and may require support. SIDS and Kids provides these services 24 hours a day.

Every day, three babies are stillborn in Australia. SIDS and Kids has spent $15 million in the last twenty years supporting efforts to reduce SIDS, saving the lives of 4500 babies. SIDS and Kids require continued support from the community to help find the answers to the causes of the unexplained area of stillbirth.

Where’s Your Nose? Support SIDS and Kids and you will be saving babies’ lives.

This year Red Nose Day will be happening on Friday 25th June 2010. There are many ways that you can take part in this important fundraising day. Join Red, our cuddly red nose plush toy and help us celebrate by selling Red Nose Day product in your workplace, your school or to family and friends.

For more information on where to purchase Red Nose Day merchandise and ideas on how you can help, visit the SIDS and Kids Red Nose Day website www.rednoseday.com.au or call 1300 308 307

The Huggies Team in action

The Huggies team (and some ring ins) took part in a fundraising event on for SIDS and Kids Red Nose Day. It was a good opportunity to see what people had for dinner the night before as the theme was BYO lunch and donate what you would have spent at “the shop”. Yes we looked a little silly, but it is definitely worth looking silly to help raise the awareness in our community of the risk factors associated with SIDS and to help provide much needed funds to enable research to be conducted to reduce the number of deaths each year from this silent and devastating problem.

We have the latest SIDS and Kids Safe Sleeping Guidelines on our website for all parents to access. It’s worth refreshing your memory and also those people who care for your baby.