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When can we try peanut butter sandwiches?

I would like to know when i can give y 1 yr old son a peanut butter sanwhich...no one in our family has ever had a reation...but i am concerned abou eggs...they make me go funny in the head and his uncle is allergic to them..when can try eggs?

Answer: Hi There, Firstly, there is reasonable support for the timely introduction of all food groups as apposed to avoidance. It seems that the sudden rise in allergies such as nut allergies ma be due to our over-vigilance, which may rob the immune system of its opportunity to become familiar with various food compounds. We of course are fairly certain that a very earl introduction of solids may increase the likelihood of a reaction to foods also. So with this in mind trial foods earlier rather than later unless otherwise advised. I would recommend almond paste over peanut butter, it is better made from real nuts, has no additives and offers better nutritional components. You can find it in your health food section, not cheap but it goes along way I promise. You can use it in cooking for satay also. So trial a little on your toddlers lip and see how it goes, then a little on a piece of toast the next day and so on. Same goes with egg, trial a little and work up from their. You can separate the egg and rial the yolk first and then the white or both at once. By 12 months your toddler can eat pretty much as you do, less the obvious things not suitable fo children. All the best with it and fingers crossed you have a toddler o is allergy free. Cheery oh, Leanne
Answered: 29 Apr 2009