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He is not taking to lumper foods and stronger tastes

My nine month old baby is still on stage 1 and 2 baby foods. He is not taking to lumper foods and stronger tastes. Also I`ve tried doing home-made veges but no luck. Any combination suggestions?

Answer: Hi There, One of the issues with commercial foods is that they do tend to be softer in texture (for safety reasons often) and many varieties use apple juice as a sweetener. Babies innately have a preference for sweet and salty and once you `open the gate, the horse can bolt quickly`. In other words, they get to prefer the soft sweet jar food and then your homemade food gets rejected. Soft foods of course barely need any effort so it can slow the development of oral mechanics. You could try slowly `weaning` bub from the jars by adding in your food. Starting with a small amount in her usual meal, working up to greater and greater amounts until you can make the switch. Going cold turkey is an option but can be stressful. Breastmilk and formula will help with many nutrients and of course immunity etc. So its good to keep that in mind so you take breath easier. If you really find things don`t improve I would recommend seeing your CHN or GP about how best to make the switch to chunky home foods. All the best, fingers crossed, Leanne
Answered: 01 Jun 2009