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I`m after some advice on getting the flu vac with her 6 month shots...

Hi Leanne,
My little princess is due for her 6mth shots in a few weeks. The nurse let me know that she will be able to have the flu vac as well. Now asking numerous people, including specialists, doctors, nurses and mums I`m getting mixed results. Ive serched on the web and all to no avail(probably looking in the wrong places!). Ive never had the flu shot and dont really believe in it but for my baby it would be a totally diferent story. I thought your body would have to try and build an immunity to these things or is she just too young to take that risk? Please give me any insite or relevant addresses that I could look to for further information
Thanks Maggie

Answer: Hi Maggie, Vaccination is such a huge area, there is so much fear and guilt built into the discussion. I have to agree I am on side of allowing our bodies to build immunity naturally, at least as long as is practical or within reason. I was listening to ABC radio recently, they had a fascinating American Immunologist who said `we were once the top species, now it seems bugs and superbugs have taken our place... possibly because we are so immune compromised from not having allowed natural adaptation`. I think she gave a very important talk! Having said that, yes, the very young and the elderly are most at risk of the complications of flu virus`s. If you are breastfeeding this will provide you with some comfort, as baby will be gaining a degree of immunity from you. So I would recommend reading the What The Doctors Don`t Tell you site, be prepared though it will be a little scary once you start reading it. Read all information (on any site) with a critical eye, and follow any of the reputable research articles they list in their references. - http://www.wddty.com/ If you wanted to search the medical journals the link below will be great, they can be a bit hard to read but see what you think. In most cases funding has to be disclosed, so if it has been paid for by a drug company you can usually tell. Keep in mind statistics are very malleable. - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/ The following is and American site, but will detail current vaccinations, possibly very pro, but still worth a look given the USA tends to be a little ahead of us in some areas. - http://www.cdc.gov/ Lastly, is the Who, you can search their site for the latest findings on vaccinations and their side effects, they are fairly wide in their approach I find. - http://www.who.int/en/ So I hope that gets you started. Once you find a good readable journal article you can just follow the thread by looking at their references and typing it into the PubMed site. All the best with your decision, not an easy one... Leanne
Answered: 01 Jun 2009