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  6. Lately he seems to be doing a poo every time he passes wind
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Lately he seems to be doing a poo every time he passes wind

Hi Leanne,
Just have a question regarding my sons poos. Lately he seems to be doing a poo every time he passes wind. The poos aren`t runny, but a little softer than normal and don`t seem to be related to a particular food. He eats everything, and hasn`t been introduced to anything new, or hasn`t eaten an excess of something (such as pear) recently. He doesn`t yet spit out his toothpaste, if that helps, but we barely use what the baby toothpaste says to use. Could he be developing an intolerance to something,? He is not teething, has not been sick and his behaviour is unaffected by this. He`s almost 18 months and at his last check 2 months ago was 90% for everything. He still eats all his food and has 2 cups of cows milk a day. This has been happening for about a week now, maybe it`s just a phase. Any input would be great.
Thanking you

Answer: Hi Amanda, yes, possible just transitory. If he is passing a normal poo, it could just be that he is beginning to become more aware of what is going on down there. However, if you feel they are occurring more as an accident, so for example they are loose, then I would pop into see your GP just to check all is well. If there is nothing new in his diet, the only other way that it could be diet is if there was a change in an amount of a particular food. Some foods can have a reaction only over a certain level, for example lactose. Often though the body will increase its ability to cope so even this can potentially self-resolve. So again if it doesn’t improve, pop into see your GP, children can loose water very quickly. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 01 Jun 2009