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wondering if his crying and leg movements could be colic or a milk reaction

hello leanne,im a mother of 2 month old george and was just wondering if his crying and leg movements in the arvo and evening were colic or just a reaction to milk.i breast feed but also have been giving him the odd bottle formula at round 6pm this has cows milk in it to help it digest. after a warm bath he sometimes settles but not always and can go on till round 9.30 10pm. Please help

Answer: Hi There, Congratulations on baby George! I am just wondering when you say you give him a bottle and it has cows` milk, do you mean a formula based on cows` milk or actual cows` milk? If it is the latter (whole cows` milk), I would recommend swapping to a formula. Whole cows` milk poses a few issues for tiny bubs and in fact is best left as a drink until after 12 months. Small amounts can be added to baby`s meals once he has started solids. If baby is experiencing colic it generally passes by about three months as baby`s digestive system begins to get accustomed to all the changes. Still, you may like to pose your question to the reflux expert on the panel. Things such as colic and reflux are very specialised areas and can be quite difficult to determine, so best to check with the expert here. You might just like to see how baby goes without the bottle (you could offer another breastfeed instead) and note if the same thing happens. This may just narrow down the possible issues involved. The website below has some good information on colic and some pointers that might help: http://www.gut.nsw.edu.au/Content/Infant_Colic.aspx Of course the evening and nights tend to be the times when baby is least settled. Your breastmilk will be changing (as it does over the day) and this is why baby can seem a little less settled. That`s all very natural and tends to settle down over time. So I hope some of these ideas help with where to go next. Cross fingers things simple settle down of their own accord. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 29 Jun 2009