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How can I get him to satisfy his hunger on a bottle feed alone?

hi leanne,
im dannielle and my baby boy (jake)is 3 months old now and im trying to bottle feed so i can go back to work. but when he is hungry he will take the bottle to start with no probs but will only drink like 40-50mls than demands the breast and cries and wont take the bottle anymore till i give him the breast to finish his feed, and he drinks the whole breast till empty. how can i get him to satisfy himself a whole propper feed on the bottle.
please help me.

Answer: Hi Dannielle, It sounds like you are partly there and it may be just a matter of time. Persevere, perhaps leave a gap between bottle and breast this might slowly encourage him to take more formula. Obviously, don`t force the issue as it can make things worse. Also you may find if someone else offers him a bottle that he will drink more (probably better if you are not about). So all these small things will help to keep progressing. That he is not averse to the taste is a big step, so now it is just a matter of moving on from there. Hopefully you will find that eventually he will take both, you can have certain feeds which are breast and others during the day that are formula. Don`t change formula if you are finding it is okay, or teats as more changes can just slow the adjustment down. I would recommend chatting to your CHN about this process, they are a wealth of great tips. All the best with the change and going back to work. Cheery oh, Leanne
Answered: 29 Jun 2009