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Two weeks ago he had a stomach bug, and is now refusing to eat

My son 9 months old and still on breast milk, he started solids at 4 month then stopped and started again at 6 month, he was not bad eating the food 2 weeks ago he had stomach bug, diarrhea and refuse to eat completely. the mid wife told me to stop offering him solids and keep him on breast milk till his stomach become normal, last week I started to give him rice cereal, apple but he doesn`t eat well may be 2 spoons or nothing at all. what shall I do? please help

Answer: Hi There, Yes that`s very normal, tummy upsets can not only take a few weeks to get over, but also set up some negative associations with food. There are studies that show that gastric illnesses can take up to 6 weeks to recover from, so its not surprising that babies take a while to come back from them. You might like to try food in a different ways. Offer more finger foods, offer the foods he does like in different ways than normal (so that it reduces the association), use a feeding mesh, freeze small blocks of mashed fruit or vegies. You could try a small smoothie with some natural yoghurt. The probiotics in the yoghurt should redistribute the healthy bacteria and help normalise his tummy again. You might like to ask at a good health food shop about probiotics also. Keep offering foods, even if they are rejected, its` better to offer than `miss the boat`. If you find things don`t improve or that baby`s growth is being compromised then pop into see your CHN or GP. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 22 May 2009