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Do I have the right formula?

Hi Leanne,
My baby is 3 1/2 mths and currently on a soy formula. We had changed her from a dairy formaula to soy as she was having tummy upsets,bad wind and pulling her legs up or stiffing them. It gave her alot of discomfort. She has been on soy for 2 months and has been ok til resently. She seems to be having the same symtoms as before.
Should I change formulas again?

Answer: Hi Michele, Yes unfortunately it seems about 50% of children who react to cows` milk will react to soy also. Before you change I would recommend you chat to your CHN or local chemist about formula so that you can get the one that best fits your bub. It is a little unusual baby seemed to be okay for sol long, so just check with your CHN first. Otherwise if you do need to make a change you may need to consider a low-lactose or even a hydrolysed formula so ask them about these options. All the best with it, hope things settle down again soon. Leanne
Answered: 01 Feb 2009