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Gluten and wheat free teething rusks, baby formulas, and cereals?

Hi, Can you recommend or do you know of any gluten and wheat free teething rusks, gluten and wheat free baby formulas and gluten and wheat free iron enriched cereals?

My baby is 3 months old and currently breast feed. I am gluten and wheat intolerant so I would like to keep it out of my babies diet. As a child I failed to thrive with the introduction of cereals etc and don`t want to risk the same happening to my baby.

At what age are wheat/ gluten containing foods usually added to babies diets?

I would like to get some formula ready just in case the milk runs out and thought it would be good to start tracking down some gluten free baby cereal now for around the 6 month mark. Most urgent though are the rusks - I read babies can start to teeth at 15 weeks and Xander is up to his 13th week.
Much appreciated,

Answer: Hi Kali, Sounds like you are being very thoughtful of your little ones nutrition. Firstly, there is reasonable support for the timely introduction of all food groups as apposed to avoidance. It seems that the sudden rise in allergies such as nut allergies may be due to our over-vigilance, which may rob the immune system of its opportunity to become familiar with various food compounds. We of course are fairly certain that a very early introduction of solids may increase the likelihood of a reaction to foods also. So it seems that what is important is offering foods at around about the right stage for your baby. Not too early but not to late either, luckily there is a degree of flexibility so its not like it comes down to days or weeks, but rather months. So with this in mind it may be best to offer baby gluten-containing foods as you might do at around 9ish months. I like to start with gluten-free options first, so gluten-free pastas and noodles and breads and then move onto the gluten-containing varieties. The tips sheet below has a chart of gluten-free options: Wheat Intolerance Also I have some tip sheets on Huggies on starting solids and also a book which might help with what foods when, the links are: Solids Which foods when and fridge chart On the issue of gluten-free baby cereals, most of the starter cereals are rice so they contain no gluten, for example Heinz Organic Rice Cereal, which is free from unwanted things. Gluten-free baby rusks under 9months is a hard one, to date I haven`t found any. Baby Mum-Mum are gluten free but not recommended until 12 months. Probably the best option here is to make them yourself, buy a good gluten-free bread and bake fingers of it in the oven. Another option is to buy a feeding mesh and pop say apple or something similar in there that you have trialed baby on, the mesh and the apple (chilled) can both be good for chomping on. You may like to check the Huggies recipe book online, the link is: Huggies Cookbook To my knowledge most infant formulas don`t use gluten-containing products in their ingredients, so you should be fine with this. But just keep in mind that if you find baby is feeding more (sometimes the do because of teething or even growth spurts) and you feel your milk supply is slow to catch up, that the Weleda Nursing tea is fantastic. I used it and found that it worked a treat. Exclusive breastfeeding for those first 6 months can also help with reduced risk to allergies. Right oh hope that covers all the areas. All the best with it and fingers crossed you have a bub who is allergy free. Cheery oh, Leanne
Answered: 08 Feb 2009