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  6. She has started waking up between 230am and 5am very hungry again...
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She has started waking up between 230am and 5am very hungry again...

Hi Leanne,
My daughter is 5months old in 4days. I don`t know if my query is a sleep one or a nutrition one so I have asked you and Maree the same question. My daughter has slept through the night since she was 8weeks old (last feed 10pm then first morning feed 7am) but just before 4months she started waking up between 2:30am and 5am extremely hungry. I therefore started her on solids at 4months of age and she ate happily and returned to sleeping through to 7am from 10pm. She is totally breastfeed, feeding well five times a day with two feeds of solids per day. The last 2weeks however she has started waking up between 2:30am and 5am very hungry again... I have tried giving her a bottle of formula at the 6pm and/or 10pm feeds but she flatly refuses and starts screaming. Is there a chance my milk is losing it`s quality? There is no problem with quantity. I haven`t changed my diet at all. I have tried adding extra breastfeeds (which she happily takes) but she won`t take any extra solids. Help!! We`d love to return to sleeping through the night again! Many thanks, Tracey.

Answer: Hi Tracey, It isnt likely that you have a problem with your milk if you havent had one before. What you may find is that during growth spurts or teething (where some bubs can feed more often to alleviate the pain) that your milk may seem inadequate until your body `kicks into` increased production. I can totally recommend the Weleda Nursing Tea at such times! Rather than opt for formula you may like to look at what your bub is having as her last `meal`. As she has been on solids for a while you might like to just check there is something with a little protein such as yoghurt. Protein is the only nutrient really that tells your brain you are full and is also reasonably long lasting. I wouldn`t worry too much about an extra solids feed until after 6 months as you may run the risk of solids beginning to interfere with milk feeds and that is when you could run into some challenges with milk. If you would like to see a bit of a check list of solids and see what other foods you might be able to include that you haven`t as yet, I have some tip sheets on Huggies on starting solids and also a book, the links are: Solids Which foods when and fridge chart And to check out a good yoghurt there is a tip sheet on yoghurts also, the link is: Yoghurt Keep on with the extra breastfeeds, baby is by far your best guide. Most times babies will come back to their usual routine, they can be thrown out by all sorts of things. If you haven`t altered her routine it is likely to just pass. Just as a side note, it sounds like your bub is following what is called fussy times or the `wonder` weeks, you can find more about on this site www.cyh.com just type the words into their search area. The main fussy times are 5, 8, 12, 17 and 26 weeks etc. Hope that helps. Wishing you much sleep, Leanne
Answered: 08 Feb 2009