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I find it difficult to feed my daughter savoury solids

I find it difficult to feed my 7.5 month old daughter savoury solids. When we first introduced her solids, she eats absolutely anything. I realized she`s been refusing savoury solids about a month now but she eats anything sweet from fruits to sweet vegies, and plain cereal too. My local child health nurse asked me to swap her savoury dinner with her lunch just to see if it helps but she still clams her mouth shut after a few spoonsful. Then i tried not to puree her food and to give her mashed food but she still doesn`t want it. Lately, i realized she only like her food (vegies and meat) dry without sauce/gravy and she eats slightly more, but still lesser than her cousin who is a month younger than her. What can i do to make her eat her solids?

Since she was born, she needs to be breastfed every 3 to 4 hours day/night, even now she`s on her solids, while most babies i know are feeding every 4 to 7 hours. Is it normal?

Answer: Hi There,
Just on the topic of breastfeeds, my first was the same, I demand fed him and had a 3 hourly feeding baby up to quite a late age. Yes, of course it is good for them, but this is as a mother, it can be hard going. My second I did a bit of both systems and we were both much happier I feel. So yes it is normal, but ultimately you and your baby are your best guides. My personal saying is `do what works for you`… `a happy mum is a happy baby`. If you are both happy with your feeding routine you stick with it, don`t worry about others, because every baby and every mum is different.

On the issue of solids, yes a common issue. Babies are naturally born with a preference for sweet and salty so unfortunately sometimes when the `dam walls break` with this one it can be tricky to get them to go back to more bitter foods.

You might like to:

  • Keep offering, sometimes bubs take a while to adjust to unusual tastes
  • Try to mix different ratios of bitter and sweet foods and slowly work backwards
  • Don`t worry about strong tasting foods, that will come, focus on good quality, fresh foods
  • Look for a good acceptance of vegies and the like this tends to be one of the most common stumbling blocks nutritionally. So if bub is going well with these you are going great
  • As you introduce new textures such as finger foods, this is a good time to offer new tastes. Feeding meshes are a great tool
  • Try new mixes of foods, especially as you are trialling new foods you can then also add them into totally different mixtures
So I hope some of these, help, work backwards slowly, don`t give up and keep trying new ideas.

All the best for 09,

Answered: 01 Jan 2009