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  6. She has had diarrhoea for a week and a half now
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She has had diarrhoea for a week and a half now

Hi Leanne,
my daughter will be 4 in march. She has had diarrhoea for a wk to a wk and a half now. She hasnt had any vomiting or temps which is good. at the moment her poosare dif to what they had been , its hard to explain, containing more water so more water than poo than what it had been. I`m just wondering what can i give her to eat or drink at the moment to help her get better and what i shouldnt be giving her at the moment.

She has been happilly running around playing like her normal self which is great. And she is still drinking heaps.
Any advice would be great.
Thankyou for your help

Answer: Hi There, I would recommend popping into your GP, extended diarrhoea for fast growing children isnt ideal, she may have some parasite or other that can be detected with a stool sample or similar. So as early as you can book into see your local GP. In the meantime you could pop into a good health food shop and chat about a childrens probiotic to help her intestinal immunity and recovery. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 15 Jan 2009