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Do you have recomendations for certain bottles or formula for weening

I have a 10mnth old who is fully breastfed and eats a variety of solids. For the past week he refuses to take his sipper cup with water, I have even offered pure fruit juice and that was refused too. Any suggestions with that? He used to drink water from his cup everyday. I am wanting to start weening him so he is fully weened by one year, I have tried offering a formula bottle before the breast for the past 3 days and he has refused that too. Do you have recomendations for certain bottles, formula or general information on how I go about this?
Thanks Bridget

Answer: Hi Bridget, I just wonder if your little one is knowing enough to be suspicious of the changes? You might like to go back to the sipper cup, leave the other stuff for now and just offer it often but take it away when refused. This may gain his confidence back to accept his water again. Also keep in mind that once you reach 12 months and decide to wean your then toddler you don`t need to wean onto any other liquid food. He should be on a full diet of healthy varied food and will drink water and some sort of milk drink too. So he doesn`t need to begin formula or a toddler formula unless recommended. Stick with the water, gently persist, don`t flavour it, its not only another change, but it can delay water acceptance and upset their tummies if it is the wrong juice (eg. Don`t offer apple or pear juice, they can cause loose stools). I hope that helps. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 22 Mar 2009