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One day she was having 2-3 feeds a day, then just stopped

hi, my 13month old is refusing to have any breast milk. one day she was having 2-3 feeds a day then just stopped....is it normal for them to stop like this..I`m worried she is not having enough to drink,as she only drinks about 1/4 of a cup of water 3 times a day....

Answer: Hi There, Yes baby-led weaning is very natural and indeed a very gentle process (though it can leave some mums a bit bewildered). If your toddler is eating well then you don`t need to wean her onto anything else. Milk, is commonly started around this age, but it isn`t all that uncommon that toddlers simply refuse to drink milk, especially compared to breastmilk, it has a weird taste, smell and texture. There are thousands of children who don`t drink milk and for lots of reasons and do just fine. Also consider trialing your toddler on an alternative `milk` such as soy, almond, rice etc. Just ensure the brand you get is calcium-enriched and if it is soy that it is made from whole soy beans. I have a tip sheet on Huggies on weaning and cows` milk, it explains how much milk toddlers need in order to reach their daily serving and RDI of calcium. The link is: Milk Intake On the issue of water, it sounds like you are going fine, if you haven`t noticed any issues with constipation or noticed dark coloured urine, then it is likely your toddler is drinking fine. The main thing is to offer a little and often and let them drink what they choose, forcing the issue can have an opposite effect. Hope that is reassuring. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 01 Jul 2009