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I`m wondering if he is getting enough calcium in his diet?

Hi Leanne,
My son is nearly 9 months old. He had a reaction to yoghurt at 6 months and I haven`t tried him on any other dairy products as I was advised to wait after he was a year to try him again. I give him rice cereal or porridge mixed with water and steamed fruit for brekky and either fruit with fruit puree or vegetables for lunch and vegetables and meat (Fish, chicken so far) with rice or cous cous for dinner. I try and include a variety of vegetables. I haven`t tried him with pasta yet but will do so shortly. Also I give him 2 snacks a day usually wholmeal bread with vegemite or fruit and fruit juice. He is weaning himself from me and I only get to give him one breastfeed early in the morning. I`m wondering if he is getting enough calcium in his diet and whether the combinations of fruit and vegetables are appropriate? I don`t know whether to try him on soy products as I was advised they weren`t needed yet and to wait until he was one. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Answer: Hi Lisa, It can seem like all the little changes leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed at times, but it sounds to me that you are both going just great! Just on the yoghurt, when you do come to trialing it again, ensure you get a good quality (real) yoghurt. The dessert-style ones tend to just be thickened milk with added bits and pieces to sound healthier. Being a whole milk product they can be higher in lactose, unlike a fermented real yoghurt where the lactose is digested by the inherent healthy bacteria, making them much lower in lactose. For a 9 month old it sounds like he has a great diet. It`s a bit early to do a diet analysis, but just as a bit of an insight you could look at this tip sheet below and just see that you are both going fine. Remembering that it relates to a toddler though. Meal servings checks Yes, hold off on the soy as a drink for now. But by 12 months you can opt for calcium-enriched milk alternatives such as soy, rice, oat etc. They are all lovely drinks. Oh and bye-the-bye opt for whole soy bean soy milks over soy protein isolate, huge difference on many levels, just look at the ingredients panels. The sites below I recommend for bubs with cows` milk allergy, but you might find them really helpful in terms of recipes and calcium-rich foods. The RPA web site has a fabulous booklet you can download on how to cope with bubs who have a milk allergy you can request a copy of Milk Allergy from allergy@email.cs.nsw.gov.au Hope that helps. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 01 Jul 2009