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My daughter has been a good eater, until now. She loves avocado & yoghurt, until now

Hi Leanne
My 9 months old daughter has been a good eater until now. She loves the avocado & yoghurt until now but she eats pumpkin, sweet potato, and zucchini. I would love to introduce more vegi variety & meats as well. Could you please give me some ideas what else I can give her & more recipes?
Thank you Leanne.

Answer: Hi Sue,
It can seem a little repetitive in those early months, but now your bub is 9 months there are soooo many more foods and meals that she can have, finger foods opens up a whole new set of meals. So, now you can offer grated fruit and vegies (carrot, apple, cucumber, beetroot etc), plus grated cheese, slices of banana and other fruit, dried fruit, pasta, noodles, toast fingers with all sorts of topping and so on. Of course you still need to trial new foods, but really you are close to an adult-style diet now.

I have some tip sheets on finger foods and more, plus a book on Huggies, the links are:
Finger foods and beyond and healthy eating habits
Snack ideas

These will provide you with some ideas for meals and different foods to try. Also the Women’s Weekly Toddler meals book has some great recipes too. Really it is a matter of working through all the foods you can think of. If you keep on with variety hopefully your little one will continue to be a great eater!

All the best,

Answered: 08 Jul 2009