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Is it ok to give my 1 year old Oats porridge?

Hi Leanne!
Just wondering, as something other than weetbix for breakfast. Is it ok to give my 1y.o Oats porridge?? I brought a box of "Uncle Toby`s" Oats so tasty. but will only give her the strawberry or vanilla flavoured porridge. Not sure if it`s ok to give her this as a bit of variety.

Answer: Hi Paula, yes, from 12 months you can offer your toddler many of the foods the whole family enjoys (unless there is a medical reason not to, such as allergic reaction). Oats are a lovely brekky, add some fruit and yoghurt and you have covered 3 of the food groups as well as offered a lovely low GI brekky with other health compounds. Hope that helps, Leanne
Answered: 08 Jul 2009