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Do you think I should try him on a different formula?

I have a 5 month old baby who is on Karicare AR thickened formula,he has been sick with broncilitis and hadn`t been having much formula,he seems to be a bit better but will only drink between 50 to 60 ml of formula and is constantly waking during the night when he would normally sleep all the way through. Do you think I should try him on a different formula? or do you have any suggestions?
Thankyou Karen S.

Answer: Hi There,
You may like to chat to your CHN about this, but in my opinion I would sit tight a bit longer before making any changes.

If baby has gone fine on his formula up until his bronchitis I would stick with it. Sometimes changing things can further confound the situation. It can take some weeks for bubs to get back to their usual routine. Keep offering his usual formula at his usual times (you may want to make up slightly less for a bit). Monitor his growth and if things go on for too long or you notice a change in his growth pop into see your CHN or GP.

If you do decide to change formula let me know and I can give you a run down on the different compounds added to different formula.

All the best,

Answered: 15 Jul 2009