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  6. He has since developed patches of eczema over his body
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He has since developed patches of eczema over his body

3 weeks ago I fully weaned by now 11 month old from breast to a starter formula (cassien rather than whey dominant). He has since developed patches of eczema over his body. I suspect some form of dairy intolerance - however our appointment to see the specialist at the hospital is not until 31 January 2008. What can I do in the meantime?

He eats fairly well during the day, but wouldnt go to bed at night without a bottle.

Answer: Hi there, As I read your post my first thought was to remove the toddler formula, given he is probably about 12 months now, but then I see that it is a night time comfort feed. Still that would be a good option if you can. If bub is eating a good healthy varied diet and growing and developing well you don’t really need a toddler formula. Will leave that one for you to consider. In the meantime, try switching to a whey-dominant formula as they tend to be better tolerated by lactose intolerant children or a low-lactose formula such as they hydrolysed formulas - Alfare, NAN HA, Pepti-Junior and Neocate. The former is less expensive and may be worth a try first. With regard to the eczema, I can totally recommend Weleda baby calendula moisturizer (not cheap but fabulous), plus acidophilus has been shown to be helpful as are fish rich in omega-3’s such as salmon (some formulas have reasonable amounts of both of these these days. You could also ask at a good health shop about a probiotic for bubs (acidophilus and bifudus) and even fish oils. I can personally recommend this approach! All the best Hope that helps, Leanne.
Answered: 15 Nov 2007