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Newborns make me blind. Let me explain.

Newborns make me blind. Let me explain.

I saw an old friend recently and she was holding her 2 week old baby. Apart from my heart melting into a puddle onto the floor (I love, love, love newborn babies) it bought back a flood of memories for me.

You see, with my children I suffered from what can only be described as newborn blindness. This is condition where I looked at my baby and thought they were without doubt the most incredible creature ever created.

Let me explain.

About a week after our eldest child was born we met up with our childbirth class as we were one of the last ones to have our baby. We drove over and proudly placed our baby alongside all the other car seats the babies were lying in. I remember walking past all the other bubs and giving them the once over. I glanced across at my husband and knew he was thinking exactly the same thing.

A couple of hours later we drove home and my husband said thoughtfully: “I feel so bad for all those parents.”
“Why?” I asked.
“Because let’s face it. Our baby was definitely the best looking baby there.”
“I know. Poor things” I said pityingly.

We carried on in our deluded state for months. It was only when my son was about two and I was leafing through the photos of my son as a newborn that I’d put together in a scrapbook, that I finally saw the truth.

I had labored with my eldest for nearly five days off and on. I had really difficulty establishing labour and ended up with an emergency c-section where it transpired my son had suffered lack of oxygen sporadically as well.

As a consequence he was not only bruised black and blue but he was also a very mottled colour. The kind of appearance that only a mother and father could love. And we did. We were so utterly besotted we saw past all his bruises, his black eyes and adored him.

I later discovered that every parent from the birthing class had said EXACTLY the same thing about their baby on the way home as well which gave us all a huge chuckle.

Love truly is blind.

Did you suffer newborn blindness?

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Avatar SarahBlogger

Did you suffer from a special form of blindness when it came to your new bub? Sarah shares her story.

Read the full blog post: Newborns make me blind. Let me explain.

Posted 03 July 2011 - 05:14 PM

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