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Should young babies wear sunglasses?

Hi Kay, Can you tell me if babies under 1yr should wear sunglasses? Thank you.

Answer: Hi there, UV damage to the eyes can start from an early age, and in the long term can cause serious eye problems, such as cataracts, pterygium (a growth over cornea) and other conditions, including cancer. While sunglasses are available for babies and infants, the real challenge is getting them to keep them on. Some families may prefer to use other sun protection methods such as avoiding the sun during the middle of the day, staying in the shade and wearing a broad-brimmed, legionnaire or bucket hat - these things will do a lot to keep UV radiation away from kids` eyes and wearing a hat with a brim that shades the eyes can reduce UV radiation to the eyes by around 50 per cent. If you are interested in sunglasses for your baby or family, look for wrap-around and close-fitting sunglasses that meet the Australian Standard. If they meet the Australian Standard, it will say so on the tag. Toy sunglasses are not recommended. Cheers, Susan
Answered: 15 Nov 2007